Yasmin Abdallah Is Dating A New Man After Divorcing Rufus Sewell

By mridushaPublished on: December 20, 2023 Updated on: December 20, 2023
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Yasmin Abdallah is a Lebanese-Australian entrepreneur, fashion designer, and creative director who is also famously known to the world as the ex-wife of British actor Rufus Sewell. She was only married to Sewell for a year before things turned South for them.

Well, did she marry again after her divorce? In this article, we will uncover details on relationship status, career, & much more.

Yasmin Abdallah Divorced Ex-Husband Rufus Sewell Just In A Year

In May 24, 1999, she got married to Rufus Sewell in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The ex-couple had reportedly met back in 1996 in Australia when she was just a 19-year-old teenager. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between the former duo as they divorced just a year after their marriage.

Yasmin With Her First Hubby Rufus
Yasmin With Her First Hubby Rufus

None of the duo ever revealed the exact reason for their split but Yasmin still uses her ex-husband’s last name “Sewell”.

Abdallah retains from sharing anything about her family and their lifestyle in the media.

Her Upbringing Never Promoted Her Career Choice

Yasmin was born in Australia and raised in a close-knit society in Sydney’s suburbs. Growing up in an Arabic household, she had a very ordinary upbringing away from the glitz and glamour. Talking about her childhood, she once shared,

‘Because we are Lebanese, I grew up in an Arabic home. We spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house, enjoying Arabic food, music, and community.’

Her mother owned the local hairdresser salon, where Yasmin would spend her after-school hours cleaning up her hair and reading gossip magazines. It wasn’t your traditional breeding place for a budding fashionista.

‘I didn’t have access to fashion growing up, I wasn’t carrying one of my mother’s Chanel purses, I had no concept of creativity; all I knew was my family and my town. It was Australia – nature, the beach, and sports.’

She Left Australia In 1996 To Pursue Her Dream 

From a very young age, Yasmin was into business and the corporate world and reportedly started working at a very young age. She even left her school in Australia at the age of 15 and started working in a real estate firm right away. Eventually, at the age of 19, she moved to London and as a fashion enthusiast, she began working as a window dresser at Browns, a high fashion store.

It was after she moved to London she met Rufus. Talking about her decision to move out of her country and her meeting with the actor, she said,

‘I was fortunate, I wasn’t very interested in anything at the time, I just wanted to get away, work at a café on Bondi Beach, and perhaps consume pot. That’s about where I was.’ It was a foregone conclusion. In a pub, she met Rufus Sewell, a charming British actor. ‘And at that instant, my life changed,’

Within a few months of meeting, they fell in love as we stated, and traveled to the United Kingdom.

Yasmin Abdallah Was Already In The Business World At The Age Of 22

Abdallah still just 22 at the time, established a shop on the second floor of a building on Poland Street in London’s Soho, offering hard-to-find new brands, where Courtney Love would shop.

Yasmin Abdallah pictured in an alley way
Yasmin Abdallah started her journey as a businesswoman when she was still married to Rufus

“The goal was to build a store, a location that was about service, and create an environment that made people feel immensely welcome,’ she adds, citing her real estate apprenticeship for imparting that intense attention to the client.

Yasmin Was Also Married To Kyle Robinson 

Her relationship with Kyle Robinson was very much under the covers as not many even knew about it. However, in an article written by Vogue, she talked about her relationship with him (while they were still married) and also about their child Knox. The article gave us a hint about how she was still married to him until 2013.

Yasmin and Kyle with their child kissing eachother
Yasmin and Kyle have 2 kids from their marriage

The couples even used to work together on a showroom named Paper Mache Tiger that Kyle had launched. Yasmin and her husband used to live together in the east end until their divorce. Their separation was also done very privately as there is not much news about it.


Yasmin is a mother to three children from her marital relationship, Gene, Renzo, and Knox.

She Is Dating A New Man In 2024

After a long-term relationship with Kyle, Yasmin seems to have moved to a new relationship. While it is unclear when she quit her relationship with him, she is reportedly in a romantic relationship with a man named Craig in 2024.

We are sure about her newest relationship from the fact that she shared an animated photo representing her family on her Instagram. In the photo, we can pretty clearly identify her romantic chemistry with the man whom she calls Craig. The photo also features her dogs and kids.

Moreover, she has also posted numerous photos of Craig on her Instagram, where in one of them she can be seen kissing her new partner.


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