Who Is Reign Edwards Boyfriend? Is She Getting Married? Her Love Life In Detail

By mridushaPublished on: December 11, 2023 Updated on: December 11, 2023
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You might know Reign Edwards from her famous role as Nicole Avant in The Bold and the Beautiful. Despite her popularity, Edwards has been so quiet about her dating life that her fans are becoming more and more curious about it. People want to know everything, from who she dated to if she is married now.

If you’re searching for the same answers then you’re in the right place. In this article, we will be talking about the love life of the popular actress in detail. Read till the end to know it all.

Reign Edwards Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend Right Now

Yes, you heard that right. The Snowfall actress has been single for some time. She has been so busy with her projects that she does not find time to go out and date. Reign is incredibly busy with her career as an actress so there’s no time for commitment.

Reign Edwards posing for a mirror picture
Reign Edwards might want to stay single for a long time.

Many speculate that she may be hiding her beau but with the prying and quick eyes of the media, it might just not be true. She is enjoying her freedom as a single woman and climbing up the ladder of success in Hollywood.

Edwards is not Getting Married Anytime Soon

As we have already mentioned, the actress is living a single life. So, questions about her getting married to anyone are already debunked. She is also just 27 and might not even have marriage on her bucket list for a few more years to come.

Reign has also opted out from talking about her love life in the media and likes to keep things private. So with her chosen silence about any of her romantic relationships, it is safe to assume that no wedding bells are ringing anytime in 2024.

Reign Edwards has Only had One Public Rumor

The actress might be single now but she has had her fair share of public rumors that comes with being a celebrity. She was rumored to be dating actor Rome Flynn. Reign and Rome supposedly hooked up back in 2017.

The two actors were co-stars in the series The Bold & The Beautiful and while in the movie their on-screen chemistry was something both of their fandoms liked and shipped. They even hung out after shooting which just added fuel to their flaming ship.

Debunking the Rumor between Reign and Rome

While many of their fans might already know, the rumor between the two was simply not true. While the rumors of them dating were in the air, Rome was already in a relationship with Camia Marie.

Reign and Rome pictured together by the pool
Reign and Rome were nothing but great friends with nice chemistry.

We can now say that anything between Reign and Rome was just friendship and the on-screen chemistry was their acting skills.

Rome Flynn is also Enjoying his Single Life

Many of you might be wondering what is the actor doing now, he is also enjoying his single life and taking care of his daughter Kimiko, born in December 2014. Camia and Rome have not been seen together since 2022 which has made their fans assume that they are no longer in a romantic relationship.

Reign Edwards is Busy Climbing the Success Ladder

Actress Reign Edwards is from America. Her most well-known character is Nicole Avant from the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She received nominations in 2016–2017, 2018–and 2019 for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

Reign pictured outside wearing a bandana
Reign Edwards prioritizes her career more than relationships.

She has been successful in stealing the show with her great acting skills. Edwards was even everyone’s favorite in no time. Edwards made her debut in 2008 as a Rally participant in the movie Explicit Ills. However, she was not credited for it. Her latest movie is Old Dads where she portrays the role of Britney.