Who Is Pia Bertolotti? All About Brittany Murphy’s Sister

By CannonPublished on: December 24, 2023 Updated on: December 24, 2023
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Pia Bertolotti rose to fame as the half-sister of singer and actress, Brittany Murphy. Murphy, who was widely popular for her works in movies such as Drive and 8 Mile shocked the whole industry by her untimely death in December 2009. She was merely 32 years old at the time of his death. So, what was the reason behind her death?

Besides, what does Brittany’s sister Pia do for a living? Her professional and married life is mentioned in detail in the following article!

Pia Bertolotti and Brittany Murphy Share The Same Father

Bertolotti was born on October 6, 1979, to her father Angelo Joseph Bertolotti, and his second wife in Coral Springs, Florida. Pia’s mother got together with her father around the end of 1978.

While the whereabouts of her mom are scary in the media, Bertolotti’s late father Angelo used to reside in Los Angeles, California. He was from New York.

Bertolotti and half-sister Britanny Murphy.
Pia and the late actress Brittany Murphy had the same father, Angelo Bertolotti.

On the other hand, her popular later sister Brittany was born in 1977 to Angelo and his first wife, Sharon Kathleen.

They Grew Up Separately

After Britanny’s mother divorced her father, Sharon moved to New Jersey with her daughter. On the other hand, Pia grew up in Mississippi and completed high school at the Northwest Mississippi Community College.

The two sisters, Murphy and Pia first met each other when they were 19 and 16 respectively. Despite the several differences they faced growing up, they were bonded pretty well.

Bertolotti Has Two Biological Siblings

Along with half-sister, Brittany, Bertolotti has two other biological siblings. She has two elder brothers, Tony Bertolotti and Jeff Bertolotti.

Similar to Pia, the two brothers also came into the limelight after the death of their half-sister Murphy and several assumptions about it.

How Did Pia Bertolotti’s Sister Brittany Murphy Die?

She passed away at the age of 32 on December 20, 2009. She was first found comatose in her bathroom at her Hollywood Hills residence at around 8 AM following which her husband called for a medical request.

Britanny was soon taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for treatment. Unfortunately, the late singer lost her life at 10:04 AM after a cardiac arrest. The major cause of her death was found to be Pneumonia and anemia along with drug intoxication.

Murphy and her husband died of pneumonia and anemia.
Late actress Brittany and her husband Simon passed away in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

She was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills on December 24 in the presence of her family. Sadly enough, only five months after Brittany’s death, in May 2010, her husband Simon Monjack was also found dead in the same house. As per the reports, Monjack passed away due to acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

Both The Deaths Were Speculated To Be Murders

The death of both Murphy and her husband always had been suspectable by many. In 2012, the late actress’s father requested the Superior Court of California to direct the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office to hand over samples of his daughter’s hair for further testing. It was, however, dismissed later as Angelo did not attend two hearings of the suit.

Along with this, Brittany’s half-brother, Tonny also claimed that his late sista might have been murdered by someone.

Bertolotti Also Lost Her Father in 2019

On June 22, 2019, Pia’s father Angelo also passed away. He died at the age of 92 due to health complications at his residence in Los Angeles.

She launched a fund campaign to cover the cost of his burial. She claimed that Joseph had no life insurance and the family had no funds to provide him a good burial.

Is Pia Bertolotti Married?

Yes, Pia is married to Jason Reynolds. They wedded on November 1, 2008, at a private ceremony where Bertolotti was dressed in a beautiful white dress and her husband Jason in a black tuxedo. The couple have been happily married for more than 15 years as of 2024.

Pia has been married to her spouse Jason since 15 years.
Bertolotti and her husband Jason have been together since 2008. Source: Instagram

The husband and wife had been friends for some time since they met. They also dated for a few years before officially tying the knot with each other. On their 14th marriage anniversary in 2022, Pia posted a picture and mentioned that her husband had been her best friend, soulmate, and her other half.

What Does Bertolotti’s Husband Jason Do For Living?

Pia’s life partner, Raymond currently works as an Account Manager at Conservation Services Group at present. The company has been working as the leading U.S. provider of residential energy efficiency programs. He previously worked at Hertz Local Edition, which is a car-renting service company.

Originally coming from Jonesboro, Arkansas, Reynolds moved to Mississippi for his further professional upliftment.

Pia is a Mother To Four Children

At present, Pia has given birth to four children with her spouse. She has three daughters, Mali, Karli Chase, and Lila, and a son, Lucas. The actual details about their birth are not out yet but the two eldest daughters, Mali and Karli are in their early 20s and late teens at present. The youngest ones, Lila and Lucas seem to be in their mid-teens.

Bertolotti often shares pictures along with her husband and children on her Instagram account @piajoloves. They together reside in their house located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. However, the second child of the family, Karli has moved to Germany for her further education in a ministry school.

What Does Brittany Murphy’s sister Pia Bertolotti Do?

Pia now works as the Executive Director at Memphis Morning Center which provides pregnancy and postpartum care to the women around. She has been with the company since Feb 2022.

Pia works as an executive director in Memphis Morning Center.
Bertolotti has been involved in several professions all her life.

Besides that, Pia is also the founder of Hermal Alchemy and the former Chief Builder at The HER Effect. She was the national director of mobilization at Awaken The Dawn (Feb 2017 to Feb 2022).

Further, Bertolotti also worked as a worship leader at the Hope Baptist Church for over a decade from December 2010 to Feb 2022. She had a role as a communicator/tea builder at LifeVantage Corporation (2016-October 2019).

Moreover, Pia had jobs as a Regional Rep Director/Prayer Mobilizer at PULSE Outreach and as an Affiliate Broker at the National Association of REALTORS.

Pia Bertolotti’s Net Worth

Bertolotti’s net worth is over $3 million as of 2024. She mostly makes money from her multiple works. She makes around $30,000 per month.