Who Is Nada Zeidan, George Wassouf’s Ex-Wife? Share Any Kid?

By mridushaPublished on: November 26, 2023 Updated on: December 14, 2023
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Nada Zeidan gained prominence due to her short-term courtship with the singer George Wassouf. For a very long time, she was only known as the second wife of his. However, she has established her name as a Palestinian spokesmodel who happens to be a road racer as well.

In this article, we will understand the life of Nada and what she is doing now.

Key Takeaways

  • She was born and brought up in Lebanon but belongs to Palestinian and Turkish ancestry.
  • Nada moved to a different country from where she was born due to a civil war.
  • Zeidan holds a respective degree.
  • Nada is an activist as well as a model.

Nada Zeidan is Palestinian and Turkish

Despite being born in Beirut, Lebanon Nada has roots that make her Palestinian and Turkish. The roots in question are, that her father is Palestinian and her mother is Turkish. Nada was born on October 11, 1976, and is the oldest of seven children.

Nada Zeidan is Muslin
Nada Zeidan is of mixed culture but follows the same religion as her parents

She and her family had to move to Qatar when she was just four years of age due to the Lebanese Civil War. Zeidan still carries the horrific memory of the fighting and killings in her mind.

Zeidan had Difficulty in Language after Moving to Doha

She had the most trouble with the language upon moving to the new country. On the very first day of first grade, the teacher’s rebuke is something she can still clearly recall. Nada couldn’t understand what she was saying when she was instructed to lock the door, so the teacher labeled her dumb.

The instructor mistook her actions for a rejection. She then understood that there were several dialects of Arabic. In the beginning, it was difficult for her, but she started enjoying her stay sometime later.

She Finished Her Complete Education in Doha

For her primary education, she studied at Rumaillah School. For her secondary education, she went to Zainab School which was also located in Doha.

Later on, she was adamant about joining a school that had a nursing program solely because she was very moved by the image she had seen in the Lebanese Civil War. This alone made her want to dedicate her life to the service of the people and to help others.

So, to achieve this goal of hers, she joined Qatar nursing school. She also took the same course for her Bachelor’s and joined Qatar University, graduating with a degree in nursing.

However, she took a very different course for her Master’s and completed an MBA from Cambridge International College, Doha Campus.

Nada Zeidan is a Nurse and a Racer

Nada’s career choices have always made someone either feel proud or made misogynistic people feel bad but this has never once stopped her from doing what she wants. The first career she landed her foot in was as a staff nurse at Hamad Medical Corporation (1993 -2001).

After working as a staff nurse for 8 years she was promoted to Senior staff nurse and remained so for another 5 years. Finally, she was the head nurse of the oral and maxillofacial unit for 3 years.

After remaining a nurse for over 16 years, she became an athlete relations manager at Aspetar for 4 years. However, this also didn’t last long as she started a career as a Motor Sports presenter and assistant producer at beIN Media Group (2013 – 2014)

Nada was seen participating in the 2002 Busan and 2006 Doha Asian Games in archery becoming the first Qatari and the first Arab female to compete at the competition in the 14th Asian games. However, she was last seen competing in archery in 2006. She also is the founder of an archery club named NZSportsacademy

Nada Zeidan Is Currently Single

Nada has kept it under wraps regarding her personal life but just from the looks of it, it looks like she is rather single. She is focused on her career and raising her only daughter. Zeidan also spends her time attending different events and is always occupied.

She Was Married To George Wassouf

Nada was the second wife of George Wassouf; they got married in 2016. Their relationship dynamic was very different as George was a conservative man while Nada was not as much.

The two couples constantly fought because Wassouf was still not divorced from his first wife Shalimar Wassouf. The former pair were married for 28 years and separated but never filed for divorce, which somehow irked Nada.

Nada with her ex-husband
Nada and George are not in contact following their divorce

On top of that, a lot of sources claim Nada was also interfering a lot with George’s life. The former pair only stayed in a matrimonial relationship for two years and parted ways in 2016.

The Former Pair had one Daughter Together

During the matrimonial relationship of these two, they only had one daughter named Oyoon Wassouf, born on October 6th, 2015. Their child is mostly seen spending time with her mother. The mother and daughter duo are often seen in events and stealing the spotlight.

Nada Zeidan's daughter is rarely seen with her father
Nada and George’s only daughter was Oyoon who spent her days with her mother

Talking about the father, he is rarely seen with her and has fewer pictures with her. There is no saying what the custody rights are and if he spends time with his daughter.