Who is Chris Perez’s Ex-Wife Vanessa Villanueva? Where Is She?

By DavidPublished on: November 28, 2023 Updated on: December 12, 2023
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Vanessa Villanueva or Venessa Soliz is the ex-wife of Chris Perez, a guitarist. Vanessa’s ex-husband Perez is also famous for his past relationship with his late ex-wife Selena Quintanilla, a Spanish singer.

Villanueva is now in her 50s and how she has been living her life post the separation from Chris is worth a discussion. Read about her life, career, and marital relationship, all in the writings ahead.

Vanessa Villanueva Is From Texas

Villanueva is a native of Corpus Christi, Texas. Born in the year 1971, she celebrates her birthday on March 2.

She is the daughter of Jay Villanueva and Cyndi. Villanueva’s father is a former sales officer at Access Automation Inc.

Details on Vanessa Villanueva’s Marriage With Chris Perez

Villanueva and Perez first met sometime in 1996-1997 through their mutual friend, John Garza. After their initial meeting, the couple fell for each other, and eventually, the now-former couple married on Oct 26, 2001. The pair however ended their marriage in April 2008.

Vanessa Villanueva and Chris Perez with their daughter Cassie
Chris Perez and Vanessa Villanueva with their daughter Cassie

When together, Perez and Vanessa became parents to two children, a daughter Cassie Perez, and a son Noah Perez. Villanueva and Perez’s eldest child, Cassie lives in San Antonio Texas. She serves as an aesthetician at beauty brand Secret.

Vanessa’s daughter Cassie studied medical aesthetics at Paul Mitchell. She completed her academics at Del Mar College.

Vanessa Villanueva with her son, Noah, and Cassie
Vanessa Villanueva with her children Cassie and Noah. Facebook

Villanueva’s son, Noah has Down syndrome. Vanessa once revealed she found out that her son had trisomy 21 and that the doctors had told her that she could still abort her son.

Villanueva nonetheless said that having her son was a blessing.

Is Vanessa Married In The Present? Who Is Her Current Husband?

Vanessa is presently married. She now is the wife of Henry Soliz. Vanessa also identifies herself as Mrs Soliz. Her current husband, Henry Soliz is an avid bike lover.

Vanessa Villanueva with her current husband Henry Soliz
Vanessa with her current husband Henry Soliz. Facebook

Soliz and Vanessa started dating in 2012. They married six years later in Feb 2018. The two live in Portland Texas.

Villanueva once said that she felt blessed to have a husband in addition to describing him as her rock and constant motivation.

Vanessa Villanueva Lost Her Ovaries

Back in Aug 2021, Vanessa mentioned how she came to lose her ovaries in the past.

Vanessa Villanueva talking about her ovaries loss
Vanessa Villanueva lost her ovaries. Facebook

Villanueva revealed she had removed both her ovaries over the fear of getting diagnosed with cancer or any related issues. Vanessa however mentioned that her doctors had told her not to do so and that she regrets her decision of throwing them anyway.

Via her Facebook, explaining the past, Vanessa Villanueva wrote

Sighh…the removal of your internal organs can really truly alter your life.

Villanueva nonetheless conveyed that it had been easy for her to cry over her decision and adopt a victim mentality. She additionally emphasized the choice to combat the challenges, striving to attain equilibrium in both her body and mind, and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to still be alive.

Perez’s ex-wife additionally said she had chosen to be grateful and believed that God would help her find happiness in some other way.

Vanessa’s Career; She Is A Spa Owner

Villanueva is now a spa owner of V’s Day Spa in Portland. Speaking of her business, Vanessa once wrote,

I own a business that’s THRIVING, I have so many wonderful friends that love me, and food in my pantry…I could go on and on counting my blessings.

Villanueva was also a unit electrician in the 2011 action-adventure film, Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. She also played Gaby Valdez in the 2015 TV series Forgotten Memories.