What Is David Costabile Net Worth? All About His Earnings, Income Source

By DavidPublished on: November 26, 2023 Updated on: November 26, 2023
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David Costabile is an actor known for shows including Billions, Suits, Better Call Saul, and House. Costabile has also been in films such as The Dirt, The Post, Lincoln, and The Bounty Hunter among others.

While David’s character Mike Wags Wagner in the Showtime series Billions lives a lavish lifestyle full of c*c*ine and hard partying, how much the actor possesses in real life is a point of contention. Read his net worth, earnings, and income source as you scroll through the article below.

David Costabile’s Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth states the now 57-year-old actor, David has a net worth of over $6 million. He understandably made most of his money from his acting career which has been on the run since 1997.

Frankly, some might find the amount to be less impressive given the span that Costabile has spent in the show business. The Washington DC-born actor has a whopping 42 credits in the films and TVs combined.

The Billions actor David Costabile
David Costabile played in the Showtime series Billions. Getty

David however must love his Billions character. As such in the show, Mike has quite a lucrative stake in the company that has earned him roughly $200 million during his lifetime, a far too big figure against the actor’s real-life net worth of $6 million.

In Billions, David plays Mike “Wags” Wagner who is Bobby’s (Damian Lewis) second-in-command at AXE Capital.

How David Costabile Made His Fortune; His Earnings

The earnings of David Costabile have been a somewhat elusive narrative. Despite his involvement in numerous series and films, the specific income the actor has generated from his acting pursuits remains a mystery. By his standards, he may be a seasoned veteran but Costabile has not garnered notable attention for commanding substantial salaries in connection to his appearances on screen.

Although he has appeared in hit films and television shows, his involvement in such projects has typically been of relatively short duration.

David Costabile as Mike in Billions
Costabile as Mike Wagner in Billions

It is worth noting that despite having spent so many years in showbiz, discussions regarding Costabile’s financial gains seem to lack clarity. Unlike other A-listers with whom Costabile has shared screen, the actor’s financial status has not been a prominent feature of discussions, one that has made the headlines. All in all, his earnings remain somewhat on the periphery of conversations about remuneration among Hollywood figures.

Costabile Source Of Income

Quite understandably, David doesn’t seem to have many sources of income except his acting career. Aforesaid the Billions star has been in over 40 films and TV. Not to mention, he has been in the acting business since the late 90s.

Some of his notable films include How The Grinch Stole The Christmas, Notorious, The Bounty Hunter, Lincoln, Runner Runner, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi, The Post, and The Dirt among others.

Better Call Saul actor David Costabile
Suits actor David Costabile. Shutterstock

Costabile however may have his TV series appearances to thank for most of his wealth. The actor has been a regular as well as a recurring character on several big shows such as The Wire, The Office, Breaking Bad, House MD, Suits, The Good Wife, The Blacklist, Billions, Better Call Saul, and others.