The Untold Facts About Chimene Diaz, Cameron Diaz’s Sister

By CannonPublished on: December 3, 2023 Updated on: December 4, 2023
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Chimene Diaz is the sister of popular Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz. While her younger sister is an A-list actress, Chimene has also made a name for herself. She is a realtor and a fitness enthusiast.

Both the Diaz sisters are in their 50s, so it is evident that people are interested if they are also settled when it comes to their love life. While Cameron’s personal life is pretty in the media, what about Chimene? Is Chimene married? Explore details about her husband, children, and other hidden facts in the article below.

Chimene Diaz, Cameron Diaz’s Sister Is a Realtor

Diaz has been in the real estate world for several years. She has been a partner with a guy named Rhonda Buchanan in the business. Together, they run the Buchanan and Diaz Group.

Chimene is a real estate agent.
Cameron’s sister Chimene is now into real estate.

They have also mentioned their experience on, “Our work experience has gained us the skills that made our real estate business a success; Hard work, integrity, determination, negotiation, communication, and most importantly, the commitment to put the needs and interests of others as our top priority.”

They added,

“We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience.”

She Is A Fitness Lover

Apart from her work as a real estate broker, Diaz also has a true passion for fitness. She is a health-conscious person too who has been an assistant at Skinny Chick Inc. since 1995. Further, Chimene once ran a business called Diaz Health and Wellness, in California.

Besides, Diaz has also mentioned herself as an Account Executive on her LinkedIn profile.

Are Chimene Diaz and Cameron Diaz Twin Sisters?

No, they aren’t twin sisters. Chimene and Cameron were born two years apart. But, their relationship is more than twins who support each other through thick and thin.

Cameron Diaz and Chimene Diaz
Chimene and Cameron in New York, NY.

They also show their immense love and support through their social media posts. When Cameron released her book, The Body Book, in 2013, her older sister wrote on her Insta,

“So proud of my little sister!”

Further, Chimene and Cameron are also pretty close to each other’s kids.

Chimene Is Two Years Older Than Her Sister Cameron

As mentioned, Chimene is the older sister of Cameron who was born on June 5, 1970, and is 53 years old in 2024. On the other hand, her little sister Cameron was born on August 30, 1972, and is 51 years old now.

Besides, they share a striking resemblance, almost like twins.

They Grew Up In Long Beach, California

Both the Diaz sistas were born and raised in Long Beach, California. While the educational details of Chimene are still unavailable, her younger sister Cameron went to Los Cerritos Elementary School. She then went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School and it was where the actress was a schoolmate of popular rapper, Snoop Dogg.

Who Are Chimene Diaz’s Parents? Her Father Died in 2008

She is the daughter of Billie Early and Emilio Diaz. Her mother is an ex-import/export agent. On the other hand, her late father Emilio was a long-time employee of UNOCAL.

Her mom and dad had been married since 1969 until her father died in 2008. He passed away from post-influenza MRSA pneumonia, in Seal Beach.

Where is Her Mother Now?

At present, Chimene’s mother Billie lives her life in California. She there resides with both of her daughters. Occasionally, Billie also appears publically with her younger daughter Cameron.

She Had a Modest Upbrining In Long Beach

Due to her parents’ financial instability, Chimene and her sister Cameron had a tough childhood. But, they didn’t have any regret, instead, they felt it was one of the best parts of their lives where they learned the value of hard work and money.

Even more so, they used to collect cans to make extra money. In an interview with the Telegraph, the There’s Something About Mary star recalled her childhood,

“We weren’t privileged – very much the opposite. My family would collect cans to turn in for extra money because $20 meant something to us. But we were very happy.”

Diaz Has a Mixed Ethnic Background

She is of Cuban descent from her father’s side. Her sister Cameron has also talked about their strong Cuban background in her interviews. The actress once said,

“I grew up with the Cuban heritage, the Cuban culture, the food, the language.”

From her mother’s side, Diaz is of English, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry.

Who Is Chimene Diaz Married To?

Diaz was previously married to a guy named Robby Armstrong. The couple got married in Sept 2005. Celebrating their 8th anniversary, Chimene’s ex-husband Robby shared a beautiful photo of themselves on his Twitter.

Chimene and her husband Robby Armstrong
Chimene and her husband Robby Armstrong married for several years before their separation.

However, since then, neither of them has shared anything about their marriage, adding to the possibility of their potential divorce. Talking about her former husband, Robby is a musician and guitarist who began playing guitar at a young age. He initially performed for a country band.

She Has Two Children With Her Ex-Husband

Along with her former hubby Robby, the real broker has two kids. Their older daughter Emmi Armstrong is a server who first worked at  Finbars Italian Kitchen, followed by Wild Ginger / The Triple Door, and Cactus Restaurants.


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Emmi is now a student at Bastyr University and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in August 2024. Before that, Armstrong earned her Associate’s degree from Golden West College.

The couple also has a younger daughter named Channing.

Chimene Is Also The Mother of Two Children With Her Previous Partner

She has two more kids named Chloe Cameron Cain and Emilio Cain with her former partner John Cain. Their older daughter Chloe was born in October 1996, in Huntington Beach, California.

The couple later welcomed their son Emilio, whom Chimene named after her late father. He has mentioned himself as a “Comedian,” on his Instagram. Back in 2018, Emilio also joined the Navy.

Chimene is the mother of four children.
Chimene has four children from her two different relationships.

Currently, Diaz has described herself as a single mother who once wrote on her Insta,

“I want to say cheers to all the single moms out there! I feel you and know what challenges this day brings.”

Besides, while Chimene has remained silent about her previous partner, her son often shares about his father John on his social media handles. In June 2020, on Father’s Day, Emilio described his dad in his caption as the “Best dad in the world.”

For your information, Chimene’s ex-partner John was born in November 1959 and is now territory sales manager at API Kirk Containers.

Her Relationship Status in 2023

Looking at her Facebook page, Chimene seems to be in a relationship with someone. However, any crucial details about her new partner including his name are still missing.

What is Chimene Diaz’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, her fortune is $1.2 million. She has earned her wealth from her various works, primarily from her real estate business.

Where Does She Live Now?

At present, Cameron Diaz’s sister Chimene lives in Seal Beach, California.

Chimene Is an Animal Lover

She is an avid animal lover who has a cat named Pirate and a turtle named Joe. Further, Diaz has a dog named Luna.