Sigmond Galloway Never Believed His Late Wife Mahalia Jackson

By AaronePublished on: December 27, 2023 Updated on: December 27, 2023
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Sigmond Galloway was the ex-husband of the late gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Besides this, he was a jazz musician himself. On the other hand, his ex-wife Mahalia was one of the most renowned singers of the 20th century. She released many hit songs throughout her 40 years of singing career including You Better Run, Run, Run, I Want To Rest, and He Knows My Heart.

While their marriage didn’t last very long, what was the reason for their divorce? Is Sigmond still alive? Let’s find all the details you have been looking for.

Quick Facts About Sigmond Galloway

Date Of Birth 18 May 1922
Full Name Minters Sigmond Galloway
Birthplace Alabama, United States
Father Randolph Galloway
Mother Mary Lee Courtney
Siblings 2
First Wife Celestine Person
Second Wife Mahalia Jackson
Profession Jazz Musician
Net Worth $1 million
Death 18 May 1972

Sigmond Galloway’s Death Was A Shock

Sigmond was born Minters Sigmond Galloway in Wetumpka, Elmore Alabama, United States on May 18, 1922. He was 50 years old at the time of his death in January 1972.

Similarly, when talking about his parents, Galloway was the son of Mary Lee Courtney and Randolph Galloway. The ex-celebrity spouse also had two sisters Willie Galloway and Sylvia Galloway McDonald.

Regarding his ethnicity, Sigmond was from a mixed ethnical background and was an American by nationality. When he was about 17 years old, he moved to Gary Lake Indiana.

Career: He Was A Jazz Musician

Galloway was a jazz musician by profession. He had achieved quite a name in his career. However, there aren’t many details available regarding Jackson’s ex-husband’s career achievements.

On the other hand, Mahalia Jackson was a famous gospel singer of the 20th century. She is regarded by many as one of the most influential singers of her time. Likewise, she has achieved a lot during her 40-year-long career creating and singing several heartwarming songs including Silent Night, The Lord’s Prayer, and Go Tell It on the Mountain.

Sigmond Galloway was a musician
He was a Jazz musician

Similarly, talking about her initial career, Jackson moved to Chicago where she joined the group known as Jackson Singers. She used to sing at funerals and political rallies. In 1947, she started to gain worldwide recognition after releasing her song Move On Up a Little Higher, which sold over two million copies globally.

Moreover, she started appearing on several radio and television shows. Likewise becoming the first African American gospel singer to tour Europe. Besides this, she also actively supported Martin Luther King Jr in his fight for the freedom of black people in America.

Sigmond And Mahalia’s Love Story Started In Columbia

It was the year 1962 when the pair first came across each other. They met in Columbia when Mahalia went there for some official business. Sigmond on the other hand was working a night band. They met through a mutual friend Butch Thornton.

Mahalia Jackson kissing
Mahalia Kissing a Kid

The two exchanged conversation and the gospel singer even thought to herself as to who this handsome man was. Their conversation led to regular meetings and soon their relationship started to blossom and they decided to become husband and wife in 1964.

Sigmond And Jackson Got Married; Were They Together Till The End?

As mentioned above Sigmond and Mahalia married in 1964. They wedded in Mahalia’s living room. The two were madly in love with each other and were seen attending multiple events and shows. They seemed to be a match made in heaven. However, it was all for a short moment as the duo decided to part ways just three years into their marriage in 1967.

Why Did Galloway And Jackson Separate?

Well, to tell you the truth their marriage was never as happy as you may have thought. For starters, just a couple of weeks after their wedding, Jackson started to experience fatigue and shortness of breath. So, she decided to consult a doctor and run some tests. Her results were publically disclosed as heart strain and exhaustion but she actually had a heart attack and had sarcoidosis in her heart.

Sigmond was married to Mahalia
The duo got separated because of some irreconcilable differences.

During her difficult time, Sigmond was not there and he would not be there for her for days. In fact, he even stated that Jackson was just imagining her symptoms. To make matters worse, he also abused her and fought over money. According to sources, Galloway tried to hit Mahalia on two different occasions. In his second attempt, however, the gospel singer doughed and he hit a piece of furniture and broke his hand.

Moreover, he also tried to take on the managerial duties of her agent when she was sick even though he had no skill in doing so. The singer had enough and decided to end their relationship. But, Galloway wasn’t about to back off and decided to take the matters to court. However, it was a total failure as the court saw Sigmond in the wrong and sided with Jackson instead. Their divorce was finalized in 1967.

Did They Have Any Children During Their Marriage?

No, the former husband and wife didn’t share any children during their three years of marriage. However, several sources suggested that Jackson had adopted a boy whom she met on the street. Besides this, there aren’t any details as to who he was or where he is now.

Did Sigmond Marry After His Divorce To Mahalia Jackson?

No, he didn’t marry anyone after his divorce from Mahalia. According to reports, he was still single until his death on 18 May 1972 at the age of 50.

However, before his marriage to the gospel singer, he was in a marital relationship with his then-wife Celestine Person. The two got hitched in a private ceremony on December 16, 1949. Likewise, they were together for 13 years until Celestine died in 1962.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Mahalia Jackson was also married to a man named Isaac Hockenhull. He was a chemist and used to work as a postman. The two walked down the aisle in 1936 and got divorced 5 years later in 1941.

Sigmond Galloway’s Net Worth

He as we mentioned previously was a jazz musician and had a net worth of $100,000 at the time of his death.

On the other hand, his ex-spouse had a net worth of $24 million. She was a multi-millionaire and had earned her fortune from her illustrious 40-year-long singing career.