Sean Brody Is Not An Actor Like His Brother Adam Brody: Know Him

By mridushaPublished on: December 13, 2023 Updated on: December 13, 2023
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Sean Brody might be known to the vast majority as the brother of Adam Brody. However, he has also built a career of his own as a surfer and has been quite successfully progressing over the years. Besides a successful career, he is also a married man and has been leading a beautiful relationship with his wife and children.

Well, in this article, we are going to explore some interesting details about his career & relationships.

Sean Brody Prefers A Low-Key Life At Present

Sean is a professional surfer who values a calm existence far from the spotlight that comes with his brother’s celebrity status. Living in a quiet rural village distant from his brother’s busy city, he maintains a humble and private existence.

Sean Brody with his surf board
Sean Brody was interested in surfing from a very young age

Brody rarely attends red-carpet events or high-profile gatherings because he loves his privacy so highly. He made the conscious decision to live a modest, low-key life while pursuing his love for surfing.

Brody Has A Post Graduation Degree In Sustainable Surf Tourism 

It is quite evident that Sean is not focused on surfing as a hobby but is rather very serious. So much so that, he graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in sustainable tourism with a focus on coastal conservation.

Sean did an in-depth study on the effects of surf tourism on local people and coastal ecosystems while he was an undergraduate. His thesis was to develop frameworks for environmentally friendly surf tourism that would protect the environment and boost regional economies.

Motivated by his undergraduate studies, Brody went on to earn a master’s degree in Sustainable Surf Tourism Management. He studied the complexities of sustainable practices in the surfing business in further detail throughout his master’s program.

Sean Brody Is A Married Man 

Yes, Sean is a married man and he is also a father of two. He walked down the aisle with his wife Jessica Brody nine years ago on October 12, 2014. Following their wedding, Sean shared a beautiful photo on his Facebook where he expressed his love for his spouse and tagged the wedding day as the best day of his life. In the caption he wrote,

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and well wishes! As cliche as it sounds, yesterday was truly the best day of my life! #brodybash2014

Their love story began with a simple email from Jessica. After emailing each other about the project they had been working on for almost two years, Jessica decided to see him in person.

Sean with his family in a beach during a sunset
Sean shows love for his family all over his social media

Almost only three days after meeting each other they had wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Just a year after their marriage, she gave birth to their beautiful daughter Hayden Jean Brody on 11th July 2015. Their daughter has been tagging along with them to surf ever since her birth. The beautiful pair also have a younger son named Dorian who was born in 2007.

His Children Love Doing What Sean Does

Sean’s children are following in his footsteps of loving the ocean and giving back to the community. His youngest son Dorian has already raised money for Rady’s Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Sean's youngest child Dorian pictured in front of South Fortuna
Dorian Brody hiking when he decided to raise funds of two organizations

Dorian made a goal to complete the Five Peak Challenge and hike all five mountain peaks of Mission Trails Regional Park. He accomplished this over the last several months, completing his fifth peak last week. His new goal is to do all five peaks on the same day and to raise $1,500 for Rady’s Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Sean’s children also love surfing and skateboarding and do it with their parents. His youngest is an achiever as he won second place in the Ken Whalen Surf Challenge. It is without any doubt that we can say, his children are following his footsteps and will continue to do so.

Brody Runs An Academy Raising Educating About Surfing

Sean is the founder of his company Surf Education Academy. He started his business almost 7 years ago in San Diego California. At his academy, he promotes safety, best practices, and efficacy in the surf industry.

This was not the only work he has done in the industry of surfing, he has been working in the field ever since 2008. Sean’s first work was as a director of photography and digital media in the company Rusty Surfboards. He worked in the said company for 4 years.

He has also worked as a membership manager in the International Surfing Association for 1 year. Besides this, he has been the founder and Co-founder of three different companies for more than 14 years. The companies include Surf Resource Network, Kwepunha Retreat, Surf Park Magazine, and Brody Photos.

Sean Brody And His Achievements 

He has developed a distinctive and useful skill set by fusing his experience in international development with his work in the surf industry. His work has received top-notch recognition. Brody received an invitation to speak on surfing as a means of enhancing lives and to present Pope Francis with a surfboard during the Global Congress for Peace in Vatican City, Italy, in May of 2016.

Sean Brody with his medal, his team won for USA
Sean is very talented and helps people learn the same with his skills

In the past, Brody was employed by the International Surfing Association, where he oversaw several ground-breaking projects. These included overseeing the worldwide youth scholarship program, designing and organizing the inaugural ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships, and contributing to the small team that wrote the proposal to the International Olympic Committee to include surfing as an Olympic sport.

Brody is a published writer and photographer who has done work for publications including The Surfers Journal, The New York Times, ESPN, and the BBC.

Sean Brody Also Has A Twin Brother

His twin brother’s name is Matt Brody. Sean and Matt have a bond like no one else. Both of them grew up like best friends and played with one another. Matt however opted for a life out of mainstream media and lives a low-key life possibly with his family.

Well, Sean recently referenced his twin brother in an Insta post as he shared a photo of them as kids along with their one-year-old kids as they meet each other for the first time. In the Instagram post, he wrote,

“My twin brother and I both have one-year-old sons and today they met for the first time. Watching our sons play together was like going back in time. Very excited to watch these boys grow up together.”

Sean and Matt as kids comparing with their youngest
Sean and Matt when they were kids and below pictured are their youngest

The twin brother still share a great relationship and so does their children.

His Brother Adam Brody Is A Successful Actor

Actor Adam Jared Brody hails from America. He worked in movies like Thank You for Smoking, In the Land of Women, Jennifer’s Body, & Mr. & Mrs. Smith before he had his breakthrough as Seth Cohen on the Fox television series The O.C.

Brody appeared in supporting parts in tragic movies like Lovelace and comedies like Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and Sleeping with Other People during the 2010s. During this time, he made appearances in several television shows. He produced and acted in the show StartUp as well.

Brody has also starred in the thriller movies Ready or Not and Promising Young Woman in addition to the DC superhero movies Shazam! and its follow-up Shazam! Fury of the Gods.