Ryan Paevey’s Sister Kaitlyn Paevey Is A Mother; Who’s Her Boyfriend?

By RhyssPublished on: December 6, 2023 Updated on: December 8, 2023
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Kaitlyn Paevey; the name might not sound familiar to a lot of you but it is an important figure in the life of actor Ryan Paevey. She is his younger sister. Since she is the sibling of one of the biggest Hallmark stars, there’s a lot of curiosity surrounding Kaitlyn.

One thing that intrigues us the most is what does she do for a living. Is she an actor like her bro or works in an entirely different field? Moreover, is she married and has kids or has she been flying solo just like Ryan?

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Kaitlyn.

What Does Kaitlyn Paevey Do For a Living?

Going through her Instagram account she works as a personal trainer at StretchLab. She has been working at the Huntington Beach, California-based fitness company since February 2022.

In addition, Paevey has also mentioned that she is a NASM-CPT, which is a certificate exam that every personal trainer needs to become a certified PT.

Kaitlyn Paevey is a physical therapist
Kaitlyn works as a personal trainer.

Previously, she worked at California Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy from December 2020 to 2021.

Kaitlyn Waited at Tables for Year

She is a definition of working hard until you fulfill your goal. While she was a student at college, Paevey worked as a waitress for a couple of restaurants. From 2019 to 2021, she worked at The Hideaway LBC, a steakhouse in Long Beach.

Additionally, she was a Bartender at Nick and G’s. Currently, she is working as a server at Romano’s Macaroni Grill. From this, it is fair to assume that Kaitlyn is a hardworking lady.

She Is an Educated Individual

After finishing up her high school education at Bishop Montgomery, Kaitlyn went on to study at the prestigious California State University. She graduated from the college in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General.

Then the very next year in 2016, she enrolled at the California University of Science and Medicine, where she graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

Ryan and Kaitlyn Spent Their Childhood in California

Born on April 1st, 1992, Kaitlyn Vlieger was brought up in Los Angeles. While Ryan is the older son of Les Vlieger and Linda Paevey, Kaitlyn is the younger one in the house. Growing up, the Paevey couple instilled in their kids the value of hard work, which is evident from their children’s respective careers.

Kaitlyn Paevey's dad and her son
Kaitlyn’s dad Les with his grandson.

Kat’s father Les is a Construction Manager & Commercial Real Estate Broker and currently works as a Principal at Keeton-Vlieger Construction Claim Services. Moreover, he is also a Principal at Construction Management Services LLC, also based in Redondo Beach.

Their Parents are Separated

Presently, Les and Linda are divorced. While Linda has re-married another man, Michael Heil, it looks like Les has remained single.

Kaitlyn Peavey’s Brother Ryan Is Her Biggest Supporter

From the beginning, the brother-sister duo shared a cordial bond and to this day, their relationship hasn’t changed a bit. Whenever Kaitlyn accomplishes something Ryan makes sure to congratulate her and show his ardent support.

Take for instance Ryan’s Instagram post on May 21st, 2014, when he celebrated his sister’s graduation from California State University, Long Beach. The caption read, “Congratulations Kaitlyn…..so proud of you. You won. ; )”

Kaitlyn Ryan Paevey sister
Ryan with his sister after her graduation.

Kaitlyn Is a Mother of One Son

While a lot of sources online do suggest that she became a mother in January 2016, however, that is further from the truth. She became a mom for the first time on November 27th, 2021, after giving birth to her one and only son, Greyson Amadeus.

Kaitlyn with her boyfriend and son.
Kaitlyn with her boyfriend and son.

She has been in a relationship with her baby boy’s father Vic for a long time. She first shared a picture with her boyfriend in May of 2021. When Kaitlyn added the photo, a lot of her friends jumped into the comment section and congratulated her.

By the way, everyone was celebrating in the comment section, it looked as if they had been engaged, which might be possible. Or maybe it was just Kaitlyn announcing her relationship.

One unfortunate thing is that she has not revealed the name of her life partner. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn’s brother Ryan is not in a relationship with anyone right now.

Kaitlyn Paevey was Rumoredly Married Before: Who Was Her Husband?

In November 2017, Paevey married a fellow fitness enthusiast, Jimmy Vargas. Though they never mentioned how they first met, we can say with surety that they met while working given both of them are into fitness.

Kaitlyn with her former husband
Kaitlyn and her supposed ex-husband Jimmy.

Moreover, numerous sources claim that Paevey welcomed a son from her marriage with Jimmy, however, that is not true. If we go through her Facebook account where she posts her daily activities, there is no mention of her child with Jimmy. Instead, she only shares about her baby boy.

Her Net Worth

As someone who has been working as soon as they entered adulthood, Kaitlyn has certainly worked hard to reach where she is now. As of 2024 she has a net worth of around $450,000.