Ryan Paevey’s Dad Les Vlieger Was Born in Indonesia

By RhyssPublished on: December 7, 2023 Updated on: December 28, 2023
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Ryan Paevey’s father Les Vlieger is one proud father. After all, his son is one of the leading Hallmark actors, and his daughter is established on her own. Due to his son’s international fame, a lot of people have become curious about Les.

So what does Les do for a living? Did he support his son Ryan’s decision to pursue a career in acting or was it the other way around? Moreover, there’s a rumor that Les has separated from Ryan’s mom. Is it true? Let’s find out!

Les Vlieger Is From California But Born In Indonesia: What’s His Ethnicity?

Les is originally from the Redondo Beach area, where he spent his early years, however, his mom gave birth to him in Indonesia. miBorn on 28th February 1950, Vlieger is currently Invalid or missing birthdate. year old.

Les is one of three children between the late Frans Siebolt Vlieger and Jeanette Marceline Venema. While Les’ dad belonged to Dutch ethnicity, he was born in Borneo, Indonesia itself. On the other hand, his mom was a third-generation Dutch-Indonesian. So Les belongs to both Dutch and Indonesian ancestry.

Besides, Les has two younger siblings, a sister Sue, and a brother Robert Vlieger. His sister is married to John Stranger and has seven kids. Meanwhile, Robert has three children.

His Father Worked In the Military during WW2

Les’ late father Frans was a military policeman for the Dutch during WW2. When the Imperial Japanese Army took over the island nation, he stayed behind his military brothers to try and take back control of Indonesia from the dictator Sukarno.

Les and Ryan Paevey during surfing
Les with his son Ryan as they went surfing.

We found out about Vlieger’s dad and mom after his sister Sue shared about it on Facebook. In the post, she talked about her mom’s passing and the legacy her parents left behind.

Les Learned the Way of work from His Parents

After the war, both of Les’ parents moved to the US to find that elusive American dream. In the beginning, both of them didn’t know a single word of English, but they learned it eventually and assimilated into the new world.

They also ingrained into their children, the value of hard work. Les also learned the way his parents succeeded in becoming a first-class American citizen, despite being born in a foreign land.

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What Is Les Vlieger Doing now?

Judging by his activities on his Facebook account, it looks like the celebrity father is enjoying his post-retirement life. He currently lives in Fort Myers, Florida, and enjoys fishing quite often. If you look at his social media account, you can tons of fishing photos.

Not only does he enjoy angling, but he is pretty good at it. He often shows off his hauls.

Les posing with a fish that he just caught
Les enjoys fishing and goes frequently.

Les Is a Businessman

After finishing up his high school education at Hawthorne High School (class of 1968), he decided to enter the world of construction. Thus, he enrolled at California State University and studied BS in Construction Technology.

Before his supposed retirement, Les worked in a couple of construction-related businesses. In the early 90s, he worked for Keller Builders, Inc. as their Vice President of Business Development.

He was the Broker for RE/MAX Commercial & Investment Realty from 2010 to 2011. Since January 1995, he has been working for his firm, Les Vlieger Construction Management Services, LLC.

In addition, he is also the Principal for Keeton-Vlieger Construction Claim Services since January 2011.

Is Les Vlieger Still Married To Ryan Paevey’s Mother?

Les was married to Linda Paevey for a long time. From their relationship, they became parents to two beautiful children, Ryan Paevey, born on September 24th, 1984, and Kaitlyn Paevey, born on 1st April 1992.

Their daughter Kaitlyn is a mother of one son, Greyson, born on November 27th, 2021, whom she shares with her long-term partner. Meanwhile, Les’s son Ryan is still a single man.

The Vlieger patriarch shares an incredibly close relationship with his kids. Even more so his son and daughter both share pictures with their old man.


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The Vlieger couple was in a relationship for decades, however, they have been divorced for a long time. We came to know about their separation after going through Les’ social media profile, where he has not shared a single picture with his wife.

Moreover, during the baby shower of their daughter Kaitlyn, neither Les nor Linda were present together.

Has Ryan Paevey’s Father Re-Married after the Divorce?

Yes, after his divorce, he reportedly married Rise Myers, a speaker, author, and realtor based in LA. The pair used to work together at RE/MAX.

Nevertheless, it looks like they are no longer together. Les, who is quite active on social media, has not added a single picture with Rise, leading us to one conclusion, they are no longer together.

Meanwhile, Les’ ex-wife and Ryan’s mom Linda has also re-married just like her former spouse. She married Michael Heil, however, they have likely gone their separate ways.

Around 2016, Les used to share a lot of pictures with Shelby Harris. From the posts, it was evident that they were dating. They even celebrated their 1st relationship anniversary in December 2016. As for their current relationship, well it cannot be ascertained.

Les and his partner standing besides Christmas tree
Les with his girlfriend Shelby in 2018.

How Much is Les Vlieger’s Net Worth?

He was in the construction business for a long time and still to this day operates a company of his own, meaning he has most probably amassed quite a fortune. If we have to put a figure to it, then his net worth as of 2024 would be $850,000. His own company generates a revenue of $85,000 every year which further adds to his wealth.