Piper Curda’s Boyfriend, Dating History, Ethnicity, Parents

By mridushaPublished on: December 18, 2023 Updated on: December 20, 2023
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Piper Curda rose to prominence as Jasmine in the Disney Channel Original Series I Didn’t Do It. She previously appeared as Kennedy Van Buren/Kumiko Hashimoto on A.N.T. Farm. For a long time, her followers have been curious about her life, primarily her relationship status.

Well, in this article, we are going to explore everything there is about her life.

Piper Curda Boyfriend: She Is Single

Piper has stayed single for a long time and has not had a boyfriend for a long time now. Looking at her social media, it is quite evident that she lives a single life and is quite happy with it.

Piper Curda wearing a red beanie and looking at the camera
Piper’s choice of staying single has given her many chances to learn herself

Not only she is single at present but she has never been in a long-term relationship which has raised questions on her compatibility issues and also her sexuality.

What Is Piper Sexuality?

Well, she is on the asexual spectrum and prefers to call herself non-binary. She has not only hinted at her sexual preference in numerous tweets but also refers to herself with she/they pronouns on her Instagram bio.  Back on June 11, 2022, she made a tweet where she talked about how she had a lot of fun imagining her character Jen in the series Legacies to be asexual. Here is the tweet.

Besides, Curda has also labeled herself as a non-binary person in TikTok and is often seen talking about the problems she has faced as well as other members of the community.

Piper Curda Has Been Linked With Four Men

Piper has not always been single, but she has had her fair share of public relationships and some not-so-public as well. She has gone from confirming her relationships herself to being outed by her younger sister. The public relationships that are known of hers have been for two consecutive years, from 2014 to 2016.

The people she has been in a relationship with are Caleb Stanley, Troy Ogletree, Jake Short, and Austin North.

Curda And Austin North Were Also An On-Screen Matchup 

Austin and Piper were said to have been dating around May 2014. While this pair was also an on-screen matchup, the chemistry between them seems to have been all real. The friendship/romantic partnership of Austin and Piper is called Paustin.

Piper Curda appearing close with Austin North
Piper and Austin never confirmed their relationship

During the first season of I Didn’t Do It, they dated, presumably from May to October 2014, and were close friends throughout the show. They were heavy tweeters, just like a lot of the actors. In the majority of the photos, they also appear to be close. They may be seen cuddling in several photos as well.

Piper And Jake Short Confirmed Their Relationship 

Piper and Jake were said to be in a relationship from March 2015 to September 2015. This was however never confirmed by both of the parties at that time. Furthermore, in a podcast of Hit the Brakes with Jake, Denver, and Piper as a guest, they talk about how they were lovers and were in love with each other.

Piper Curda kissing Jake on his cheeks
Piper and Jake confirmed their relationship after many years leaving their fans shocked

This confirmed their relationship even if it was a bit too late. In this podcast, they also discuss how Curda thought Jake was too short for her. However, the video now has been set to private.

Piper Curda Also Dated Caleb Stanley 

Enthusiastic followers of Piper have undoubtedly observed that she has been sharing a lot of cute pictures of herself with Stanley. Even though the I Didn’t Do It actor hadn’t announced to anyone that he was her lover, a different family member revealed the information!

Piper's sister Cay reveals Piper's affair with Caleb
Piper’s sister Cay reveals Piper’s affair with Caleb

Asserting the claims, Saylor Curda, Piper’s younger sister, said that he is her “boyfriend.” He replied in jest, “No filter and no warning,” like a warrior.

Piper Curda Ethnicity: She Is A Korean-American 

If you’re confused about where she gets her Korean genes from, it’s her father Stephen K Curda who is also a Korean-American. However, her mother Dr. Leslie Curda is Scottish. Piper was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and also has 4 siblings, Saylor Curda, Major Curda, Glory Curda, & Riley Chai.

Piper’s father was adopted from Korea by Jack Joseph Curda and Barbara Yvonne Davies. The Curda surname has Czech roots; Jack’s grandpa was a bohemian.

Curda’s Parents Are Notable People In The Community 

Her father Stephen, is the commander of the 351st Civil Affairs Command in Mountain View, California. He has had several roles after being commissioned, such as S-3 Officer, Support Operations Officer, and Platoon Leader.

As the Director of Distance Learning at the Joint Special Operations University in Hurlburt Field, Florida, Brig. Gen. Curda oversaw the introduction of distance learning initiatives for the university. He was mobilized during Operation Iraqi Freedom and worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority as a Deputy and then as an Interim Senior Advisor for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Brig. Gen. Curda has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology and has worked as a professor and administrator at Florida State University, the University of Toledo, and the University of West Florida. He is currently the Director of Assessment and Innovative Technology at National Louis University and a member of the National College of Education faculty.

Her Mother Leslie On The Other Hand Is A Professor

Leslie works at Northcentral University as a full-time professor. Dr. Leslie is a native of Scotland and has expertise in early childhood education, online learning environments, and instructional design and development which has allowed her to have a substantial impact on the field.

She received her B.A. in psychology and education from Eckerd College and her Ph.D. in instructional technology and educational psychology from the University of Oklahoma. Numerous works, such as “Curda, L. K., & Kelly, M. A. (2008)” and “Agan, T., Smith, P., & Curda, L. K. (2007),” have highlighted Dr. Curda’s work.