Mikayla Saravia’s Boyfriend, Net Worth

By CannonPublished on: November 29, 2023 Updated on: November 29, 2023
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Mikayla Saravia (aka Kkvsh) better known for her abnormally long tongue was involved in a legal dispute with her long-term boyfriend Nicholas Hunter for releasing her explicit videos and images without her consent. She sued her then-boyfriend for a massive $6 billion for the alleged incident.

Apart from her rocky love life, we will also talk about Mikayla’s net worth. She once allegedly used to make thousands of dollars by showing her tongue.

Who is Mikayla Saravia’s Boyfriend in 2024?

Since her legal conflict with her ex-bf, Mikayla has chosen to keep her love life to herself. She isn’t dating anyone publically. Currently, the social media star seems to be busy flaunting her stunning curve in scantily clad attire on her socials.

Mikayla is single now
Mikayla is single at present.

However, it doesn’t mean that Saravia has never been romantically associated with anyone in the past.

Mikayla Saravia Dated Her Ex-Boyfriend Nicholas Hunter For Five Years

Saravia began dating her former beau Nicholas Hunter (aka Nick Yardy) in 2017. Her ex-bf Yardy is a Jamaican who began his social media career in 2017. He is now one of the most successful social media influencers all over the internet with massive followers on his social handles.

In fact, Mikayla’s then-boyfriend Hunter began his career as an influencer with almost nothing after a year of incarceration. But, with his gifted entrepreneurial skills, Nick soon began to navigate a space for himself in the field.

Later, Mikayala also became a business partner with him. One of their business ventures included KKVSH, LLC. They used to make YouTube videos together.

Mikayla and Nick broke up now
Mikayla and Nick dated for five years.

Besides, Nick also helped his former girlfriend to amass millions of followers on her social media profiles. Despite their early whirlwind romance, it didn’t last for long and they broke up in October 2022.

However, months after their split, they got involved in a legal fight.

Saravia Sued Her Ex-Boyfriend For $6.3B For Leaking Her Private Contents

A few months after her ugly separation from her ex in March 2023, Mikayla made a series of headlines, filing a legal case against him for taking control of her social media accounts and sharing her explicit images with her fans without her consent. One of the most shocking sought in the lawsuit is her demand of $6.3 billion, i.e., $10,000 for each of the 628,000 Twitter followers.

In a federal lawsuit, the Instagram star claimed Hunter misused her social media handles by leaking her private pictures and videos. He even changed the passwords of her accounts after their separation and began to share her images.

Even more so, Saravia’s lawyer Joseph DiRuzzo accused Hunter of selling out a number of sexually explicit images and videos of Mikayla from October 2020 to Jan 2023.

Their Civil Domestic Violence Case

Apart from the abovementioned lawsuit, Mikayla and her ex-boyfriend Nick were also involved in a civil domestic violence case in Broward County, Florida. Several online sources reported that Hunter brutally abused his ex at the time of their break-up.

The same month they broke up in October, the abusive video of her boyfriend was also released, in which, they both appear to have been involved in a noisy argument. At the end of the clip, Mikayla appears with a pronounced bruise under her eye.

Mikayla's bruises under her eye
Mikayla’s bruises after her physical altercation with her former boyfriend Nick.

Tabloids say Nick became violent with his girlfriend after her alleged affairs with some other guys. But, it is yet to be confirmed by either of them.

Who Are Mikayla Saravia’s Other Boyfriends?

In addition to her nasty relationship with Nick, the Instagram star also reportedly dated a few other guys. She was first rumored to be relationship with Jimmy Stacks, an artist and entrepreneur.

After that, Saravia allegedly cheated on her first boyfriend Nick with Jamaican singer Popcaan. At present, Popcaan is dating his girlfriend, Toni-Ann Singh.

What is Mikayla Saravia’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Saravia has a net worth of $1.5 million. Needless to say, the social media influencer has made most of her fortune from her career as an influencer.

She has two OnlyFans accounts, one is non-subscription-based, while the other is available for a monthly charge of $30.

In 2019, Mikayla also used to make over $100k per annum with her long tongue, i.e. 6 1/2 inches long.

Further, her modeling gigs and sponsored posts on her Instagram also serve as another significant source of her net worth.