Mexican Actress Ana Celeste Montalvo’s Life: Her Parents, Love Life, Career

By AaronePublished on: November 29, 2023 Updated on: November 29, 2023
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Ana Celeste Montalvo is a Mexican singer, composer, model, & actress known for her work in the 2023 series The (Almost) Legends. Besides, she is also famous for her behind-the-scenes TikTok videos from the sets of her movies and TV shows.

Starting off her career at 7, Ana has achieved immense fame. However, despite the fame, most part of her early life and her love life have been away from the spotlight. Explore if she is dating or is in a committed relationship at present.

The Real Identity of Ana Celeste Montalvo

Though she goes by her stage name Ana Celeste, her real name is Ana Celeste Montalvo Peña. She was born on August 5, 2003, in Acapulco, Mexico. As of 2024, she is 20-years-old.


Ana was born into a Christian family. Not many know but she is very close to both her father and mother but mostly prefers keeping them away from her socials and media. Apparently, they have been living a beautiful life away from the influence of her fame.


Back in 2012, Montalvo shared multiple photos of a guy on her then-Twitter account where she referred to him as her brother. Though we cannot claim him to be her biological sibling, here is the post if you want to find out yourself.

Ana With Her Brother
Ana as a child With Her Brother

Ana Celeste Montalvo Finished He Studies In Acting In 2015

Ana is an educated individual. She reportedly did her schooling at C.E.King High School. Later, to pursue her passion for acting, she joined the famous acting school Televisa Artistic Education Center in Mexico, from where she graduated in 2015.

Ana Started Her Career As A Reality TV Contestant

While Ana has achieved quite fame and major roles in prominent movies and TV shows at present, Ana started her career at 7 on a reality show. She reportedly was a participant in the reality show Pequenos Gigantes in 2011.

She lured the audience with her performance leading to her appearance in several other shows & tours which are listed below.

  • Gira Nacional Pequeños Gigantes (2011)
  • El Gran show de los Peques (2011)
  • Despierta América (2011)
  • Sabadazo (2011)
  • Chistiin (2012)
  • Unidos por niños saludables (2014)
  • Por siempre Chespirito (2014)
  • Mi corazón es tuyo (2015)
  • Diversión a toda madre (2015)
  • Nosotros los Guapos (2017)
  • Pequeños Gigantes 2019
  • Esta historia me suena (2019)
  • Supertitlán (2022-present)
  • The (Almost) Legends (2023)

In the appearance of the Netflix movie The (Almost) Legends, she portrayed the character named Maren, where her performance was highly praised.

Ana Celeste Montalvo Shooting For A Movie
Ana Celeste Montalvo Shooting For A Movie

Her Singing Career

Apart from acting, Ana is also in singing and composing. She has released numerous songs on her YouTube channel. Some of her popular works as a singer include En lo High, Na Tenía, & Diosa.

As a singer and songwriter, she is represented by Gabriel Blanco Iglesias.

What Is Ana Celeste Montalvo’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, she has a net worth of $1.6 million. As an actress, singer, & model, her fortune is quite obvious. Besides, she also makes money from her social media.

She Is Also A Businesswoman

Apart from her artistic career, she also has an appetite for business. Back in 2020, she started her own online store by the name UFO Store. Her business sells custom-designed accessories and clothing which includes caps and t-shirts from some popular brands like Nike and Champion.

Is Ana Dating A Boyfriend?

Well, Ana is in her 20s but looks like she is not in a romantic relationship. In fact, despite being in the media industry for so long, she has not been linked with any guy. Moreover, her social media posts seem to be quite clean when it comes to her romantic involvement. Having said that, she could be secretly dating. However, we cannot make a confirmation until she claims it officially.