Meet Xandra Pohl’s Boyfriend Jack Touzet; They Met At Club

By CannonPublished on: December 5, 2023 Updated on: December 6, 2023
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Jack Touzet is the son of one of the richest parents, billionaire Rudy Touzet and Lydia Touzet of Banyan Street Capital. Touzet is now an economics student at the University of Miami and is all set to venture into the real estate world like his parents. But the fact that Jack became the talk of the town is because of his connection with the social media influencer, Xandra Pohl.

Here we will explore how Jack met his beautiful girlfriend Zandra and how long they have been dating. Also, get to know the lavish lifestyle of Jack as a rich kid.

Who is Jack Touzet, Xandra Pohl’s Boyfriend?

Jack is now a student at the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida. He joined the college in Jan 2021 and is pursuing a degree in International Studies in Economics. He will graduate from college in December 2024.

Jack Touzet Met His Girlfriend Xandra at Club In 2020

It is quite an interesting love story, particularly Jack’s first encounter with his girlfriend Xandra. The two first met in 2020 at the club, in Miami. At the time, Xandra was with her high school boyfriend but it didn’t stop Jack from approaching her. He confidently told her “You’re gonna be my girlfriend one day,” even having her then-boyfriend by her side in the scene.

Although Xandra vehemently rejected him at the time, fate had other plans. She met again Jack after their Christmas break at the same college the TikTok star attended, i.e. University of Miami. At the time, Touzet was a newcomer at the college and subsequently became a part of the fraternity. Coincidentally, Zandra’s high school bf was a member of the frat too.

However, Pohl and her then-beau weren’t having a good time during that time and they eventually broke up. After her split from her ex, the Instagrammer was completely heartbroken. In the midst of her hard time, Xandra got an invitation from her friends to join a boat party, which was, in fact, organized by her now-boyfriend Jack.

Jack and his gf are together since 2021.
Jack and Xandra began dating at college.

It was there they for the first time had a good time and they soon became best friends. Ever since the night, they have been going so strong.

Touzet and Pohl Have Been Inseparable Since Their College

The beautiful couple began dating while in college, from where Pohl has already completed her graduation in 2023 and her boyfriend would graduate in 2024. Being college lovebirds, they have had their fair share of twists and turns, yet their relationship continues to blossom peacefully.

Xandra Pohl's boyfriend, Jack Touzet
Jack and Xandra enjoying their time on the beach.

They often appear on each other’s social media handles, flaunting their utmost love for each other. Particularly, Xandra often frequently shares about her boyfriend on her Instagram and TikTok.

In August 2023, the adorable lovers were seen enjoying a date night on the beach side in Southampton, New York. Documenting the day, Xandra also shared a couple of photos on her Insta and wrote,

“Happy late national girlfriend day to myself.”

Does Touzet Support His Girlfriend Xandra’s TikTok Life?

Although Jack has a completely different career goal in real estate, the rich kid wholeheartedly supports his bae Xanda’s social media career. We can see a variety of posts on her TikTok from going out on night dates to having her morning coffee with her boyfriend. In an interview with E News, Pohl also mentioned her boyfriend as her “great support system,” along with his friends and family members.

Why Did Xandra Pohl Break Up With Her High School Boyfriend?

Pohl and her former high-school boyfriend had been together for several years before they broke up in college. Things started going south after they realized their differences in social preferences, where Pohl was too outgoing, while her then-bf wasn’t fond of that.

Soon after their split, her high school partner also hooked up with a sophomore, leaving her genuinely saddened by his prompt move on. It even hampered Xandra during her initial love relationship with her current boyfriend Jack. She was still crazy about her ex and didn’t take Jack seriously at first.

Jack Touzet Is The Son of Billionaire Parents, Rudy Touzet and Lydia Touzet

As mentioned, Jack is the son of the richest parents, Rudy Touzet and Lydia Touzet. Both of his parents are quite successful businesspeople, especially his father Rudy’s real estate business is quite vibrant.

Not only professionally but his mom and dad are equally successful when it comes to their love life. They have been blissfully married for several years now. At present, his parents reside in Miami but they also have a beautiful house in Southampton Village.

Jack Touzet's family including his parents and brother.
Jack with his parents and an older brother.

Rudy Touzet Is The Founder of Banyan Street Capital Which Is Worth $3.5B

Jack’s father Rudy is one of the most renowned real estate veterans in Miami with over 30 years of commercial real estate and financial experience. Currently, Rudy is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Banyan Street Capital. He founded the full-service real estate investment firm in 2007 and has since never looked back.

With his unwavering dedication and hard work, Touzet has also been able to transform the company into one of the most esteemed and valuable firms all over the country. To your surprise, it is worth approximately $3.5 billion with a portfolio of 11 million square feet of institutional and several quality office properties.

Before his own firm, Touzet was the co-founder of America’s Capital Partners from 1997 to 2007, in Miami. He also served as a Managing Director at Cushman & Wakefield.

Mother Lydia Touzet

Jack’s mother Lydia who grew up in Middleboro, Massachusetts is now a stay-at-home parent. She previously worked as a co-chair of the annual Ransom Everglades Parents’ Association auction in 2017-18.

Besides, Lydia went to Middlesboro HS and then graduated from Middleborough High School.

Is Jack Touzet Following In His Parents’ Footsteps?

Yes, Jack is stepping in the same footsteps as his parents, especially his father. He now serves as a full-time associate at his father’s firm, Banyan Street Capital. He joined the office in Jan 2021 and has since been working with it. He stated in his LinkedIn bio that his association with the company “has provided me invaluable experience and industry insights.”

Further, Touzet is also ready to start his own real estate business and is eager to share his expertise with valuable investors and stakeholders. He has clearly mentioned on his LinkedIn, “I am open to connecting with like-minded professionals, discussing potential collaborations, and exploring new avenues in the real estate and private equity space.”

What is Jack Touzet’s Net Worth?

Coming up to 2023, the actual amount of Jack’s net worth is yet to be estimated. But, looking at his rich family background, we can say Touzet has an affluent lifestyle.

In the meantime, his father Rudy is a billionaire real estate businessman.

Other Interesting Details About Jack Touzet

  • He is of Cuban-American descent.
  • Jack is American by nationality.
  • He also has an older brother, Rudy Jr. Pohl.
  • He and his brother also have a dog named, Molly.
  • Born in 2002, Touzet is 22 years old now.
  • He currently resides in Miami, Florida.