Meet Kendyl Rotunda, The Late WWE Star Bray Wyatt’s Daughter

By mridushaPublished on: December 18, 2023 Updated on: December 18, 2023
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Kendyl Rotunda is the second daughter of Bray Wyatt, a late renowned WWE legend. Her father, sadly, died of a heart attack in August 2023. Ever since her dad’s death, Rotunda has been taken care of by her mother and stepfather.

Also, know how long had Kendyl’s parents been married before their divorce. Her upbringing, schooling, and more are also major headings in the article below!

Kendyl Rotunda’s Parents and Date of Birth 

Rotunda is the second child of her parents Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda. She was born in 2013 just a year after her parent’s marriage. Her dad was a wrestler, while her mother is a realtor and currently works for Home-Land Real Estate Inc.

Kendyl Rotunda eating ice-cream
Kendyl is the second daughter of Bray Wyatt

Ethnic Background

Rotunda has Italian, English, and Scots-Irish ancestry from her father Wyatt’s side. She belongs to American nationality.

Kendyl and Her Sister Attended The Same School

The youngest Rotunda also has an older sister who goes by the name of Cadyn Rotunda, born on November 14, 2010. The two sisters seem to share an extraordinary bond and greatly love each other. They used to attend the same school, Methodist School Centre.

However, for her fifth grade, Kendyl enrolled in a new school in Brooksville, Florida. As a doting mother, Samantha often praises her daughter’s hard work and dedication towards their academic career through her social media handles.

Rotunda is a cheerleader 

Even if the star kid is just in middle school, Rotunda already seems to have chosen her hobby. Perhaps, Kendyl started getting interested in cheerleading after seeing her older sister do it so gracefully.

She is part of her school’s cheer team Hernando Cheer Elite. Rotunda has also successfully raised almost a thousand dollars for her school’s donation.

She grew up in a family of wrestlers 

From great-grandfather to her father, almost everyone in the Rotunda family was involved in wrestling. Her father Bray was the third-generation wrestler of the family. He followed in the traditions of his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, father Mike Rotunda, and two uncles, Barry and Kendall Windham.

Taylor Rotunda, better known as Bo Dallas, is his younger brother and also a professional wrestler. He and his brother held the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship twice while wrestling in WWE’s then-developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) between 2008 and 2012.

From 2010 to 2011, the late WWE superstar performed on WWE’s main roster as Husky Harris, most notably as a part of The Nexus.

Kendyl Rotunda’s parents went through a rocky marriage 

Samantha, Bray’s ex-wife and former college lover, was his wife. The pair got married in 2012, according to the Daily Mail. Their marital happiness, however, came to an end when Bray allegedly abandoned his wife and two girls.

As a result, Samantha filed for divorce from Bray in Hernando County, Florida, in 2017, accusing him of adultery but without revealing the identity of the person with whom the entertainer was associated.

Kendyl Rotunda's parents Samantha and Bray were married for about five years before their divorce.
Samantha had accused Bray of not being present in his daughter’s life and abandoning them

Despite their early dispute, they later settled their differences as parents. Kendyl’s mother once posted on Instagram in June 2019 to discuss their parenting arrangements.

Her father, Bray was engaged to JoJo Offerman 

After his separation from Samantha, Bray officially began his relationship with a WWE ring announcer, JoJo Offerman. The two announced their engagement on social media around a year ago before Wyatt’s passing. JoJo announced the news on her Instagram page in April 2022, along with a photo of her engagement ring.

Rotunda's dad with his new partner Jojo
Bray was said to have left his two daughters and ex-wife for Jojo Offerman

For the first time, Wyatt officially acknowledged his relationship with JoJo by uploading a photo of them together on his Instagram profile in 2018. The post earned over 9,000 likes, but no comments were left.

Additionally, on her Instagram feed, JoJo constantly shared her love for her late partner Bray. They were together until Bray’s untimely death in 2023.

Kendyl Rotunda now lives with her mother and step-father

At present, Kendyl resides in Barrie, Ontario with her mother Samantha, and step-father Dan Pixley. Pixley is the owner of GrassRoots Property Services, a landscaping and agribusiness firm.

Talking about her mother’s new marriage, Samantha married her 2nd hubby Dan in March 2021. The couple also has a child, Livvy (Kendyl’s half-sibling).