Lauren Compton’s Boyfriend: Her Marriage Plans & Future Husband

By AaronePublished on: December 22, 2023 Updated on: December 24, 2023
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Actress, producer, & podcaster Lauren Compton has lately gathered attention because of her podcast First Date with Lauren Compton. On her show, she invites celebrities from across industries where she talks about their love life and their life in general. Well, what about her romantic relationship? Does she have a boyfriend?

In this article, we are going to talk about not only her relationship but also her wedding plans and much more. Let’s get started.

Lauren Compton Is Actually Dating In 2024

To all those who were curious if Compton has a boyfriend, she does have one. Though she does not prefer talking about her romantic relationships much, she has confirmed dating in several episodes of her show. In fact, during an episode with Christina P, she even talked about her partner’s physical appearance saying he is tall, has a beard, and a little bit of belly. Let’s hear in her words,

My guy is like a big burly guy too, he has got like a beard, and he is tall, and he’s got a belly like he’s got (referring to the podcast host Christina’s husband Tom Segura’s belly)

Further, she also stated that her boyfriend likes to belly bump her which she finds adorable.

My boyfriend likes to belly-bump me and that’s adorable whenever I am sitting or I am standing up to him and I am talking about something, he will just bump me with his belly and I’m like you can’t belly-bump me away like I’m still here.

However, unfortunately, Lauren has not revealed the identity of her man on her podcasts or social media posts.

She Has Plans For Wedding & Children

Not many know but Lauren has plans to get married soon in the future with her current boyfriend. During her conversation with Christina on the same podcast, she revealed how she has a diamond ring set as her screen saver on her phone to remind her partner of the ring she wants for the wedding.

Lauren Compton Is In A Relationship
Lauren Compton Is In A Relationship

Further, when asked if she would like to have kids, Compton instantly came with ‘yes.’ Well, we may soon get to see Lauren married with children, however, we might not be able to tell exactly when. Also, we hope she reveals her husband once she is married.

Lauren Once Revealed Calling Her First-Ever Boyfriend Daddy

On one occasion on her podcast, which was her conversation with former American actor Robert Iler, she talked about her first-ever relationship. While she managed to not reveal much, she was quite funny to tell how she would call her then-bf “daddy.”

She also recalled one incident when she mistakenly called him “dad” instead of “daddy” and how it all turned very awkward for them. Here is the clip if you want to hear the story.

Video: Lauren Talks About Calling Her Ex Daddy

Dating Rumors With Mark Normand

Ever since the stand-up comedian & social media influencer Mark landed on her show, people have been pushing rumors that they could be dating. But the truth is that they have never been in any sort of romantic relationship. Mark has rather married to his wife Mae Planert since November 2022.

Is She Dating Aaron Tveit?

Apart from Mark, there are also a few websites that claim that she could be dating Aaron Tveit, an American actor and tenor singer. But the rumors are not true. Tveit is currently dating Ericka Hunter, a Canadian singer and dancer.