Laura Farms’ Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend; Full Bio

By CannonPublished on: December 29, 2023 Updated on: December 29, 2023
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Laura Farms whose real name is Laura Carlson is a social media star and a fifth-generation farmer in South Central Nebraska. Along with her growing fan following, there are constant queries regarding her net worth and personal life, especially her married life. So, how much is Laura’s wealth in 2024? Who is her husband?

Here we have come up with several intriguing details you are looking for, including her parents, family background, and others.

How Much is Laura Farms’ Net Worth?

As per the estimation made by various sources, Laura’s wealth is $8 million. She mostly makes her fortune from her farming career. Equally, her massive fan following on social media handles like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram is a major driving force behind her increasing net worth.


Year  Net Worth
2024 $8 million
2023 $6 million
2022 $5 million

How Much Does Laura Make From Her 2000 Acres of Land?

Laura is the owner of a 2,000-acre irrigated row crop farming land. According to the Lisbdnet data drawn in 2021, the average farm income per acre was about $790. So, Laura, as the owner of a 2000-acre property can make over $1.5 million per year.


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She Makes a Considerable Money From Her Social Media Handles

In addition to being an avid farmer, Laura is also a popular social media star. She has thousands of followers on every one of her profiles. She has amassed over 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel, from where Carlson earns between $6k – $95.4k annually.

Similarly, the social media icon is active on Instagram and Facebook with over 210k followers and 887k followers respectively. She also has a TikTok account with more than 857.8k followers.

Who is Laura Farms’ Husband? Know About Her Married Life

Laura has been married to her hubby, Grant Wilson since late 2020. The couple got married on Sat, 19th December 2020, and their wedding was held at the Heartland Evangelical Free Church, in Central City, NE.

Laura and her husband Grant Wilson are together since 2016
Laura Farms and her hubby Grant Wilson married in December 2020.

Their family and close friends also attended the big event. Ever since their nuptial, Laura and her husband Grant have been leading a blissful marriage. They also openly showcase their ultra love for each other via their social media handles.

In 2022, on the occasion of their 2nd marriage anniversary, Carlson shared a series of photos on her Insta and wrote,

“Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to the guy who makes me the happiest. Here’s to many many more years of adventures with you!”

They have also a shared passion for farming. Like Laura, her husband Wilson has too embarked on the same field.

Besides that, the lovebirds love dirt biking, camping, and wakeboarding at the lake.

They are also a pet lover who has two puppies; Baxter and Cooper.

When Did They Meet? Their Engagement

Laura and her life partner Grant first met on the CRC Canada travel camp trip in July 2016. The couple wouldn’t start dating until 11th May 2017. For more information, Laura’s then-boyfriend Grant said “I love you” to her for the first time on 17th June 2017.

The duo dated for over three years before they finally got engaged on 14th August 2020.

Who are Laura Farms’ Parents? Her Family Came From Sweden

She was born on 11th May 2001 to Megan ‘Nelson’ Carlson (mother) and Cale Carlson (father). Her parents have been married since August 1999. They also celebrated their 21st marriage anniversary in 2020.

Laura's mom and dad are together since the late 1990s.
Laura’s father and mother are married since 1999.

Like her, her father Cale is also a farmer. Likewise, Cale is a YouTuber who has a channel named LEAAD Farms with over 28k subscribers.

Laura is a fifth-generation farmer whose great-great-grandparents migrated from Sweden to the States in 1910. They resided on land in Nebraska and began farming there.

Sadly, her grandfather died in November 2023. After his passing, the YouTuber opened up on her Twitter that her late grandpa was the one who rented her the first ground she had ever farmed.

Besides, Carlson has four younger siblings, Adam, David, Amanda, and Ethan.

Laura Began Her Own Cow Herd at 13

She started her own cow herd at the young age of 13 and has now over 150 head cow-calf herd. The farmer also has a number of pigs.

In addition to that, Carlson is an avid farmer who farms on over 2000 acres of land. Some of her major products are “commercial white corn, yellow corn, soybeans plant cover crops like cereal rye/turnips.”

Where Does She Live Now?

At present, Laura resides in Nebraska with her husband and other family members.