Is Ryan Paevey Ever Getting Married? His Potential Wife, & Girlfriends

By RhyssPublished on: December 4, 2023 Updated on: December 6, 2023
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Hallmark star Ryan Paevey might be one of the hottest actors out there. This explains why all the females quite literally drool over her to become his girlfriend or better yet wife.

But one thing we need to consider is the fact that Ryan himself might be dating someone. So does he have a partner, whom he has been hiding from us? Or is he going out with someone? All in all, what kind of girls does he like the most?

Let’s find everything you need to know about Ryan’s love life.

Ryan Paevey Is Not Getting Married Anytime Soon

A lot of folks out there who have been following Ryan for a while now have been curious to know about his marital status. The actor from Torrance, CA is about to enter his 40s so it’s only natural for fans to ask him about his plans to tie the knot.

It looks like the 39 year-old actor is not ready to tie the knot yet or perhaps, he has not found the one yet.

Is Ryan In a Relationship?

Good news for all the ladies out there, this handsome hunk is single. The actor is not going out with anyone despite being one of the most eligible bachelors in town. So why is he not in a relationship?

Ryan shirtless in a scene
Ryan is currently single, a good news for his female fans.

He answered this question himself. In an interview with Hallmark, Paevey said that he is incredibly busy with his profession due to which he rarely has any time to go out. And honestly, finding the right partner for you is a tiring and time-consuming process.

Currently, Ryan is flying high with his hit movies and series so there’s no room for a little side romantic quest, for now.

Ryan Believes in Love At First Sight and Looks for Two Specific Characteristic In His Future Lover

A lot of his female fans are dying to know what type of girl he wants to date and marry. The answer is quite simple honestly. In his words, he said, “Brains and a sense of humor trump everything else.”

There you go! If anyone wants to open Ryan’s heart then he has given them two keys that will lead them straight into it.

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Ryan also mentioned that he believes in love at first sight. Before he used to think that falling in love at first sight was all cliche, something that movies have made us believe, however, his perspective later changed.

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Though he didn’t mention how he transformed his perception, surely someone must have changed it. Maybe a past lover or someone with whom he fell in love but their relationship never could materialize.

Ryan Paevey Reveals What’s The Best Part About Falling In Love

In the same interview with Hallmark, Ryan said his life generally runs on autopilot. He is ‘categorically stoic’ in his daily life. In simple words, it means that the General Hospital star doesn’t like to have any changes in his life.

Nevertheless, he believes in change and wants someone to shake him out of this rut. He said that the best part about falling in love with somebody is that they will force you out of your comfort zone to become a better person.

Ryan certainly knows what he wants in a relationship. The one he will be dating in the future will be a lucky girl.

Fans Think Ryan Paevey is Secretly Married to Kirsten Storm? Is It True?

From 2013 to 2018, he played the role of Detective Nathan West in the series, General Hospital. His role was highly appreciated by everyone and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this role paved the way for his professional accomplishment.

Ryan Paevey with his rumored girlfriend
Ryan with his co-star Kirsten from General Hospital whom he was rumored to be married.

In the series, he worked closely with actress Kirsten Storm, who played the role of Maxie Jones in the series. The chemistry between them was evident and real and a lot of fans started believing that they were married.

If we go through his Facebook account, it becomes much more evident. Back in 2014, when he shared a picture with her, a lot of fans started assuming that they were married, with some even asking if she is his wife.

However, rest assured, they are not married. But did they date in the past, well, that’s a different story.