Has Leanne Best Planned For Getting Married? Her Husband & Boyfriend

By DavidPublished on: November 17, 2023 Updated on: November 17, 2023
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Leanne Best is an English actress known for the series Ripper Street, Fortitude, Cold Feet, and Line of Duty. The Liverpool-born actress also has some credits in American projects.

Despite being a fittingly familiar face in the English and the American media, Best has perfectly hidden her personal life. She has hardly divulged the details regarding her married life, if she has a husband, or if she has a boyfriend. The actress has perfectly sealed the details. So, scroll away to find out.

Is Leanne Best Married? Who Is Her Husband?

The English actress Leanne isn’t married. For now, the oblivion is as apparent as it could get. The confusion could also be because of Best’s identical twin sister, Sarah. Unlike Best, her twin, Sarah is a married woman who also has a daughter of her own.

Young Wallander actress Leanne Best never got married
Liverpool, England-born actress Leanne Best. Getty

Speaking of siblings, Best apparently has a profound relationship with her identical twin sister. Once in an interview, talking about her relationship with her sister, Best said,

It is a unique relationship: we’ve borne witness to each other’s lives from the womb onwards. We talk a million times a day. And we do have a spooky connection. I’ll pick up the phone to call her and she’s already ringing me. It’s quite weird.

Best additionally mentioned how people have often mistaken the actress for her sister.

It’s been funny recently, with so many of my roles coming out together (other TV work this year has included Line of Duty, Undercover and Home Fires), because Sarah gets mistaken for me all the time.

Sarah however works on the other side of the camera, as a script developer. Nevertheless, Best says being part of the same professional world adds to their relationship.

For the time being, to Leanne, her professional pursuits take precedence; it appears that there is ample time for her to embark on the journey of matrimony, exchanging vows and delving into the realms of conjugal life with her prospective spouse.

Does Leanne Best Have A Boyfriend? Her Dating History

However back in September 2016, the Daily Mail reported that Leanne was single and that she was residing in a flat in London. The actress was talking about how she was a daddy girl and said that she had an interest in mildly unconventional men.

Cold Feet actress Leanne in a black top
English actress Leanne Best. Getty

When the interviewer asked if she was attracted to men who have qualities similar to her father, Leanne said,

Well, I suppose I might be slightly predisposed to mildly unconventional men. And I do find his quality of “just be yourself and do your own thing” attractive.

Best, however, added that laughter is the most she would want in a relationship as it is something that her parents still have between them. It apparently is the sound she always hears when she goes home.

Speaking more on personal matters, Leanne said she was also uncertain of being a grown-up person even after having children.

Personally, I look forward to the day when I can say, “Guys, I’m a grown-up now. I’m ‘adulting’ the s**t out of this situation and it’s brilliant!”

However, it’s already been seven years since this interview of hers. Safe to say, quite a lot has changed since and Best may have had a change of perspective or two. Consequently, she could be dating but very much under the radar.

Then again, as Leanne remains reticent about divulging details of her romantic involvement, speculation persists until she chooses to step forward and openly discuss the matter.

Leanne Best Life, Family, And Career

Leanne Best was born on June 15, 1980 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England. Leanne grew up in Walton, Liverpool. She is the daughter of Leigh and Roag Best. The actress is the eldest of four children. Her siblings include an identical twin sister, Sarah, as mentioned, a younger brother, Roag Jr, and a younger sister, India.
Ted Lasso actress Leanne Best has a beautiful pair of eyes
English actress Leanne Best. Markham Froggatt and Irwin
Her paternal grandmother, Mona Best was something of a Liverpool legend. She was a trailblazer. It was also at Best’s grandmother’s Casbah Coffee Club where the Beatles first performed in the pre-Ringo days.
Leanne refers to her family as being ‘just a bit unconventional.’ She says her family is slightly not so normal family. Her father is a musician.
Best studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Leanne’s first screen appearance was as Karen Jablon in the 2004 BBC medical drama series, Casualty. Since then, the Liverpudlian has been in over 40 projects (films and TV, combined). Some notable credits include Ted Lasso, Young Wallander, Carnival Row, Cold Feet, Black Mirror: Shut Up And Dance, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and others.
The actress presently lives in Southwest London.