Is Anna McNulty married? Her Boyfriends & Relationships So Far

By mridushaPublished on: December 13, 2023 Updated on: December 13, 2023
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Anna McNulty is a dancer and contortionist who rose to prominence after uploading photographs and videos of her extraordinary flexibility on Instagram. She has amassed over 1.1 million fans since early 2015. Despite her popularity, McNulty remains mum about her love life. So, let’s know if Anna is married to anyone or dating someone.

Here is everything you need to know about Anna’s personal life!

Anna McNulty is not getting married for a couple of years

Considering her age, there is more than enough time until McNully gets married to anyone. She might still need to add marriage to her bucket list. Born on April 26, 2002, the social media star is currently 22 years and mainly focuses on building her career and making the most of her life.

Anna McNulty wearing a black high neck and a mini skirt
Anna might not get married for a couple of years more

Thus, at this moment, Anna doesn’t seem to have any plans to get married.

McNulty Is Single For a Long Time

Many people might wonder, if Anna isn’t married, she might at least be in a relationship. Well, to almost everyone’s surprise, the famous YouTuber has also not been in a relationship. In a Q&A video on her YouTube channel almost two years ago, McNully answered she had not been in a relationship well ever.

Furthermore, she also explained how she was not looking for love but also wouldn’t reject it, if it ever stumbled her way. She stated,

“I am still single, Honestly, I’m not looking for a boyfriend at the moment.”

She further said trying to “find a boyfriend is definitely not a priority of mine.”

Anna might have been more into her life as a YouTuber and a self-taught contortionist.

Anna McNulty’s life as a celebrity has occupied her life 

She is one of the most popular social media stars with millions of followers. From a very young age, McNulty was interested in gymnastics, acrobats, and being flexible.

McNulty stretching
Anna is known as the most flexible youtuber

Starting her career on YouTube, she made her name for being a very flexible person. However, something that’s even more fascinating is that she is self-taught. Coming up to 2024, Anna has over 7.7m followers on her YouTube and 1.2 million on her Instagram.

A little about Anna and her life till now

McNulty was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, in an upper-middle-class family. She is known to be of Canadian nationality and to follow the Christian faith.

She finished her primary and secondary education at a Local High School in Saint John, Canada. As mentioned above, McNulty has always been interested in dancing and gymnastics. She began her professional cheerleading career at a young age and astounded everyone with her incredible flexibility and distinctive dance techniques. Soon, she received a lot of love and praise from the audience.