Grace Jones’ Only Husband Atila Altaunbay Is Dead Now

By CannonPublished on: December 4, 2023 Updated on: December 4, 2023
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Atila Altaunbay was the former husband of Jamaican pop star, Grace Jones. Despite several rumors about Jones’ past marriages, the singer has explicitly stated in her 2015 memoir, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs that Atila was the only guy she had ever married.

However, their marriage which made headlines because of their significant age gap ended on a sour note in the mid-2000s. In fact, they never officially finalized their divorce after their separation. So, how was the life of Altaunbay after his break-up with Jones? Where did Atila live before his untimely death in 2021?

Also, know the cause of his death and other hidden details in the article below.

Grace Jones’ Husband Atila Altaunbay Was a Member of Helping Hands Belgium

Before his death, Atila was the president of the non-profit organization called Helping Hands Belgium. On its official page, the organization mentioned that its’ main mission “is to dedicate ourselves to the most needy population groups, who are struggling with wars, disasters, oppression, famine and injustice.”

They further wrote their vision is to help “everyone, regardless of religion, ethnic background and origin.”

Atila is dead now
Atila with his Helping Hands Belgium team.

While Atila’s philanthropic endeavors aren’t that highlighted, we can see a few of them on his Facebook page and a few others on Helping Hands’ FB page.

Atila Altaunbay Died in 2021

The news of Altaunbay’s death may come as a shock to many. He, sadly, passed away in October 2021. It was Helping Hands Belgium which first broke the news of his passing on its official Facebook page. They wrote,

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our esteemed President, brother, and comrade.”

Altaunbay passed away in 2021
Altaunbay was in his 40s at the time of his passing.

The funeral of Grace Jones’ ex-husband Atila was performed at Antwerpen Mehmet Akif Mosque. However, the cause of his death is yet to be revealed.

Where Did Altaunbay Live Before His Death?

At the time of his passing, Atila was living in Antwerp, Belgium. There, he used to spend most of his time, helping needy people.

Nevertheless, there is no additional information about his life at the time of his demise.

Atila Altaunbay Belonged to The Muslim Family

He was originally from Turkey and belonged to a Muslim family. He was the youngest son in the family. Talking about his ethnicity, Atila was Kurd and his nationality was Turkish and Belgian.

Unfortunately, additional details about his family background and early life still remain elusive.

He Met His Future Wife Grace Jones While In College In Belgium

After spending most of his early days in Turkey, Altaunbay made his move to Belgium to study further. While still studying, he met his future wife Grace. In her memoir, “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs,” the Jamaican singer described her late ex-husband as “good-looking,” who caught her attention instantly.

As soon as they met, Altaunbay started working as Jones’ security guard and they soon fell in love.

They Had Shared The Same Love For Music

Atila and his ex-Grace had a shared passion for music. Although Altaunbay couldn’t make it to the big stream, his former wife Jones often described him as a good singer who used to perform at wedding parties.

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones Married in 1996

After dating for some time, Atila and Grace decided to tie the knot and got married on February 24, 1996. Their wedding ceremony was held in Rio de Janeiro, a city in Brazil. Their private in-door ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Rubens Pires, a Presbyterian minister.

Furthermore, there were 50 guests who witnessed them walking down the aisle. The beautiful bride opted for a white lace bustier and tight white pants.

After their wedding, the newlywed duo went to a gym to complete their workout session and later celebrated their honeymoon in New York.

Their Marriage Declared Invalid Due To Priest’s Sexual Orientation

Sadly, Atila and Grace’s marriage faced invalidation when they came to know the priest who officiated their wedding was gay. As a result, they had to perform another wedding which took place at their home in Syracuse. It was conducted by Jones’ father.

Atila Altaunbay’s Family Cut Off Their Ties With Him After His Marriage To Grace

His family didn’t allow him to marry his wife Grace because Atila was the youngest in the family and had to wait for his older sibling to get hitched first. But, Altaunbay didn’t follow the family tradition and rituals and eventually got married to Grace.

After breaking his family’s rules, he also lost contact with all of them. He later lived most of his life in Belgium.

Grace Jones Was Over Twice Her Husband Atila’s Age

The most outrageous part of their marriage was their significant age difference. As a matter of fact, Atila was just 21 years old at the time of their marriage in 1996, whereas his wife Grace was 48 years old.

They also tried to keep their marriage to themselves but soon it was leaked in a newspaper in Brazil, leading the duo to condemnation from the media and public because of their age gap.

Altaunbay and Grace Never Officially Divorced

The former flames went their separate ways in 2004, about eight years after their nuptial. Everything was going perfectly between them until Altaunbay began showing the negative side of his character, especially his territorial behavior. One day, Atila even confronted her with a weapon in the kitchen.

After the incident, they broke up and Grace never encountered her husband again. Consequently, their divorce never could be an official one.

They Didn’t Have Any Children

Although Atila and Grace were married for several years, they didn’t share any kids. But, Jones had a son named Paulo, born on 12 November 1979 from her relationship with Jean-Paul Goude.

Over the years, the singer has been involved in a number of romantic relationships. Even, Grace was rumored to have been married to Chris Stanley from 1989 to 1991. But, the artist completely denied her marriage to Chris.

Other Interesting Facts About Atila Altaunbay

  • He was a pizza delivery boy in Belgium before meeting his spouse Grace.
  • Atila had a net worth of $400k at the time of his death.
  • He along with his then-wife Jones went to attend a traditional carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro before their nuptial.
  • Altaunbay was a part of the movie, Mind Games.
  • He was in his mid-40s at the time of his passing.