Gabriel Guevara Girlfriend & Dating History: Future Wife & Wedding Plans

By AaronePublished on: December 21, 2023 Updated on: December 21, 2023
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Spanish actor and model Gabriel Guevara gained fame even before he made his debut as an actor, all credit to his actress mother Marlène Mourreau. But apart from this, the actor is in the media for his romantic relationships. Though he has not confirmed any of his affairs, he was caught showing PDA with someone who was later alleged to be his girlfriend.

While his dating life is one aspect, people are also curious about his marriage though he does not seem to have any wedding plans. Well, let’s discuss in detail about his life as a whole.

Who Is Gabriel Guevara’s Girlfriend In 2024?

Though he had a few romantic relationships in the past, the 23-year-old seems to be single at present. Or at least the actor is not public about his relationship at present.

But how come we are so sure about his being single? Well, in June of 2023, during his interview with Gala, Gabriel clearly mentioned how he had no plans to get into a new relationship. When asked about his love life, he was pretty quick to mention that he had just gotten out of a toxic one and had no plans to get into a new relationship. He said,

I’m coming out of a toxic relationship, so I prefer, for the moment, not to think about it too much. There, I am peaceful, I work, I meet new people. I am well.

Further, his social media posts are proof, as it does not hint at him being in a relationship. Also, he has not been spotted by the media with anyone who could be claimed to be his partner, unlike in the past when he was quite easy about displaying his PDA.

Having said that, there is a meager possibility that he could be hiding his relationship status; in that case, we hope to hear from him soon.

Is Gabriel Still Dating Agostina Goñi Plataroti?

Back in 2020, Guevara was in an alleged relationship with actress and model Agostina Goni Plataroti. The news of their affair first surfaced after they were spotted together in Madrid showing PDA.

Gabriel Guevara Kissing His Alleged Girlfriend Agostina Goñi
Gabriel Kissing His Alleged Girlfriend Agostina

On one occasion on the same day, the alleged duo were even seen kissing in a cafe and later on spent time together on the terrace. Despite the fact that they were caught by paparazzi sharing intimate moments, the love birds never went on to confirm their relationship.

In any case, Gabriel and Agostina do not seem to be dating anymore. Unlike Guevara who is supposedly single, Goni found a new love in the rapper The Kidd Keo. The two have been together for a while and they have even shared several photos of each other on their social media.

Goni Shares Photo of Her Boyfriend The Kidd Keo
Goni Shares Photo of Her Boyfriend The Kidd Keo

Has Guevara Dated Nicole Wallace In Real Life?

Gabriel and Nicole garnered huge fame after the release of the 2023 movie My Fault. In the film, the duo plays Noah and Nick, step-siblings who madly fall in love. Well, their chemistry in the movie was so real that most of the audiences were convinced that they were dating in real life.

But are they dating in real life? Well, the answer is no. During the premiere of the film, the onscreen couple stated that they were good friends and that the chemistry feels so real because they have known each other for over 4 years. Wallace stated,

We’ve known each other for four years now. So we kind of started our careers together. So we have a very nice relationship for starters, and our chemistry is really good, just as friends

Further, they also talked about them having difficulty filming their first kiss as they wanted it to be perfect. Talking about the filming of the kissing scene, Nicole stated,

The first kiss. We did that a lot, Just the pressure, and we were very nervous, we wanted it to be perfect. We just tried a bunch of different things so we had options.

Wedding Is Not In The Cards for Now

Well, as we might have expected, Gabriel has no plans to get married anytime soon. He is just in his 20s and he finds himself quite young to get married.

Moreover, the actor also very recently mentioned that he is focusing more on his career for now rather than getting into a relationship. For those who want to see him in the wedding attire, you might have to wait for a while. Girl, you got a chance to be his wife. 😉