Five Fast Facts about Leo James Routh, Brandon Routh’s Son

By DavidPublished on: October 2, 2023 Updated on: October 2, 2023
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Leo James Routh is the son of the Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh and the True Blood actress Courtney Ford. The actor couple Routh and Ford had their son sometime in late 2012.

While Leo is soon approaching his pre-adolescent, his parents have so far kept him away from the media attention. Nevertheless, there are instances where the celebrity couple has mentioned their son and the stories are worth a glimpse or two. Learn them whilst scrolling through Leo’s birth, ethnicities, the relationship of his parents, and more in the sections ahead.

Leo James Routh Birth Details

Leo was born on Friday, August 10, 2012. He is Californian by birth and weighed around eight pounds with a measure of 22.5 inches at the time of his birth. Shortly after the birth of Leo, his actor parents issued a joint statement saying

“We’re in awe…we can’t take our eyes off him!”

The Superman Returns actor added his wife was a ‘rockstar’ throughout the birth.

Brandon Routh with his son Leo Routh James in April 2013
Leo James Routh with his actor father Brandon Routh. AKM-GSI

Routh approached a rather unconventional method to celebrate his fatherhood by having a malt instead of a cigar. The actor had posted the whole incident on his Twitter (now X). Leo’s mother Ford also thanked everyone who wished her family.

Leo James Routh’s Parents Tried To Hide His Pregnancy

Like every celebrity childbirth, Routh and Ford also tried their best to hide the pregnancy of their son, Leo. In fact, the couple kept the news under wraps for weeks.

Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford with their son Leo James Routh in August 2014
Brandon and Courtney with their son Leo in August 2014. Getty

Routh in an interview said that it had been hard for him and his actress wife to keep the news to themselves. Ford, on the other hand, was telling people that her pregnancy symptoms were rather flu and food poisoning. The actress apparently decided to give up when she could no longer button her pants as it was getting difficult for her to hide what was happening.

Courtney and Brandon revealed the news of their son’s pregnancy in March 2012.

Leo’s Ethnicity; English, Mexican, And Some Native American

From his father’s side, Leo has ethnicities including English, some Scottish and German, distant Welsh, Irish, and Dutch. What’s more, Leo’s actor father once stated that he is also a Chickapoo, a native American tribe.

From his mother’s side, Leo belongs to ethnicities including Mexican, English, Irish, and others.

Leo James Routh’s Parents; Their Relationship

Leo’s celebrity parents, Routh and Ford married on November 27, 2007. They met in 2003 when Ford attended her brother’s rehearsal dinner at Lucky Strike in LA where Routh was working as a bartender.

The celebrity couple’s wedding took place at the 3000-acre Santa Barbara El Captain Ranch, California. The venue belonged to the movie producers Jon and Mindy Peters.

Leo Used To Think His Father, Brandon Was A Real Life Superman

Back in 2019, Leo’s father Brandon Routh revealed it was natural for his son to take his father portraying a superhero on the TV and the film.

Brand Routh with his son Leo James Routh
Brandon Routh with Leo James Routh. Getty

Speaking to People Now, the Rookie actor said,

It’s just natural to him. He’s got a mom who’s a fairy godmother and witch and me playing Ray Palmer and Superman. So it’s very weirdly natural for him.

Routh also talked about his son being on the sets many times from a very young age. Leo’s father furthermore said while his son understood his parents were actors and that his dad wasn’t from Krypton, he still believed his father was Superman for real.

Leo apparently used to think his father pretended to be a normal guy in real life and that he really was Clark Kent’s alter ego.

Leo James Routh Liked To Play Trumpet

During an interview with the Rogers Revue in July 2022, Routh talked about his childhood hobby of playing trumpet and piano. The actor at the time also revealed that his son Leo too had an interest in trumpet and that he was kind of slowly teaching his son a little bit of that.

Brandon added that Leo was also interested in piano but said that ‘he’s not ready to listen to listen enough to learn.’ The former Man Of Steel additionally spoke of his son’s fondness for drawing and the Star Wars movies.