Dougray Scott Adopted Milo Thomas Scott After a Long Process

By DavidPublished on: October 11, 2023 Updated on: December 17, 2023
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Milo Thomas Scott is the son of the Mission Impossible 2 actor Dougray Scott and his actress wife Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black). Like all other celebrities, Claire and Dougray have hardly talked about their son, Milo.

This might come as a shocker but Milo is in fact not the biological child of the couple. So who is his biological family? And when did Dougray adopt him? Let’s take a look!

Milo Thomas Scott Was Adopted By Dougray Scott And Claire Forlani

Milo was born on Dec 27, 2014. The now 9 years old however isn’t the biological son of actor Dougray Scott and his actress wife Claire Forlani. The couple actually adopted him when he was just six weeks old, reports The Telegraph UK. The adoption process reportedly was “a very very long process.”

Actress Claire Forlani with her son Milo Thomas Scott
Claire Forlani with her and Dougray Scott’s son Milo Thomas Scott. Instagram

Dougray Expresses that he loves Milo as much as he loves his twins

The handsome actor has stated several times that the adoption fact makes no difference to the love he feels for him. In an interview, speaking of the very issue, the Hitman actor said,

The first time I set eyes on Milo, I thought: that is my son – and he is. I love him just as much as I do my biological children. There is no difference whatsoever. I would put my life on the line for him, as I would for the twins.

Dougray added that his whole perception about adoption changed the moment he saw Milo and that he is part of him, 100%.

Milo’s Adopted Grandparents Were From Glasgow

Speaking of Milo’s ancestry, his grandfather (Dougray Scott’s father) was a working-class Glaswegian. Dougray once mentioned him as a very gentle man. The Scotts were apparently quite a poor family who had no savings and lived in a council house. Milo’s grandfather didn’t have a basic wage.

Actor Dougray Scott and actress Claire Forlani with their son Milo Thomas Scott
Dougray and Claire with their son, Milo. Instagram

Throughout his childhood, Milo has lived in West London and LA. His dad Dougray, however, also regularly takes his son to his home country Scotland.

While talking to The Guardian, the Enigma star said the country provides great serenity and calm to him and that his mother and sisters still live there. The actor additionally said he wants his son to have that bond with them and to appreciate the value of his family’s support.

Milo Thomas Scott Has Two Siblings

Through his actor father, Milo has two older siblings, Eden and Gabriel. However, unlike Milo, the two are the biological children of the Scottish actor and his ex-wife, Sarah Trevis, who is a casting director. Milo’s siblings are fraternal twins.

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Besides, both Eden and Gabriel have a career in show business similar to their father. In fact, Eden once worked as an assistant for her actor father. Gabriel, on the other hand, has appeared in shows including His Dark Materials, House Of The Dragon, Crime, and others.

Dougray Doesn’t Pressurize His Son To Become an Actor

Scott doesn’t push his ideas on his kids on what they should do. In an interview, the Ever After actor said that he had told his children that their dad truly didn’t care about what they ended up doing in life, as long as they had a passion for it and were happy.

Dougray Scott with his son Milo Thomas Scott
Dougray Scott with his and Claire Forlani’s son Milo Thomas Scott. Instagram

Dougray also said that his own father defined success as not how much money one has or how powerful they are but how happy the person is.

So when the twins were doing exams I said I don’t care what you get, don’t put pressure on yourself to get As and Bs. Try and do the best you can and discover something new about the world.

said the father of three.

According to Dougray, his kids have been doing well, too. He says that being gentle with people is what he really wants to pass on to Milo and his siblings.

Who are Milo Thomas Scott’s Biological Parents?

Well, given how Dougray and Forlani love their privacy, they didn’t mention any details on the biological family of Milo.

Milo Enjoys A Luxury Life

Thanks to his multi-millionaire parents, Milo and his brother and sister enjoy a lavish life. The family mainly resides in West London, one of the most expensive places to live in the UK. But thanks to his dad and mom’s net worth of $5 million and $7 million, respectively they have no issues in living in such an affluent locality.