Danny Go Shares A Million Dollar Empire With His Wife

By RhyssPublished on: December 19, 2023 Updated on: December 19, 2023
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Daniel Coleman aka Danny Go has been widely popular among the kids for the past few years. With more than 800k subscribers on YouTube, Danny makes interactive and learnable content on his channel, especially for toddlers. With his widely increased popularity, people are curious to know more about this creative YouTuber’s life. Is he married? How much does he earn from YouTube?

In this article, we will dig into the well-known creator’s personal life, including his love and marriage life. Following this we will also look into his net worth today and a few facts about his life earlier to popularity.

Danny Go Is Married to His Wife Mindy

Danny is married to the love of his life, Mindy Coleman. They officially married on September 5, 2009. They have been married for more than 14 years as of the present.

The lovebirds first met while studying at the University of North Carolina campus. Soon after the pair started chatting up on Facebook. Then one day Mindy updated her FB status and said that she wanted to meet someone at a local Starbucks during her lunch break.

Danny with his wife during their wedding
Danny and Mindy have been married since 2009.

As soon as Danny read the status, he tried reaching her, however, his computer died. He then drove 40 minutes to campus and waited 2 hours to have lunch for her.

Danny Go’s Wife Is Also Popular in YouTube As Mindy Mango

We often get to see Mindy on the popular Danny Go channel. She plays the role of a farmer with a passion for healthy foods. Mango is often seen at the farmer’s market or working on her tractor.

She is also one of the favorite characters of kids in the live-action educational show. Along with the YouTube channel, Mindy also runs Mindy MoonBeans Fairyhair. This business has been working to add sparkle hair for kids on the occasions of birthdays and holidays since 2021.

Previously, she used to work as a freelance photographer.

Danny And His Wife Mindy Have Two Children Together

The Coleman couple is parents to two sons. Their eldest son Issac Coleman was born on October 3, 2011. The second one, Levi Coleman was born on September 21, 2015.

Danny with his spouse and kids
Danny and his wife share two children.

Issac and Davidson are time to time seen on the social media account of their parents, especially their father Danny.

Danny’s Eldest Son Was Born With A Genetic Disorder

The YouTuber’s eldest son, Issac, 12 years old as of 2024. He was born with a genetic deformity called Fanconi Anemia causing horrible health as well as disoriented hands.

Following this, the little boy has already gone through a bone marrow transplant and a kidney transplant on March 25, 2021. His dad, Daniel shared a post regarding the success of his operation and wrote how brave Issac has been all this time. Along with this, the star kid has also had several other surgeries.


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Watching their firstborn struggling due to a genetic condition, Daniel and his other half have been supporting the Fanconi Amenia Research Fund actively.

Coleman Is a Resident of the North Carolina

Danny was born in 1989 in Charlotte, North Carolina to his father, Eugene W. Coleman, and mother Mrs. Coleman. Unlike the life he is living today, he grew up in a private household. Neither his mother nor father are in the media industry.

Despite this, we got a chance to have a glance at the talented creator’s mother and father when he shared pictures with them on the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Danny's mother and father in the picture
Danny’s mom and dad.

Coleman’s parents look all fit and fine and are living the best lives. They might be residing somewhere in North Carolina itself.

He Is A Graduate of Business Administration

Daniel completed her schooling and early education in Charlotte. Following this, he joined a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a major in Marketing at the University of Carolina.

After graduating from the university, Danny got his first job at Lowe’s, a home appliance store. He actively worked there for more than a decade.

How Did Danny Start His YouTube Career?

While working for Lowe’s, Coleman also got a chance to excel in his skills in videography. He got a chance to shoot a decor series for the store which showed his passion for recording. The YouTuber shared with WCNC

β€œIt was a friend of mine that was seeing me do those videos for Lowe’s. He had young kids, so, he was kind of familiar with what was on YouTube. And he was kind of like, ‘You know, I think you could do this in the kid space and do well.’”

In 2019, Danny decided to start his channel focusing on the children of age 3-7. He along with his two childhood besties Micheal Finster and Matthew Padgett started the production and released their first introductory video four years ago. The Media Production Office of Danny Go has been located in Davidson, North Carolina since its establishment.

What is Danny Go’s Net Worth?

Danny has a net worth of $5 million as of [write_age]. The creator who used to live a low-key life until 2019, today has a sudden rise in his financial status. The Danny Go Channel is also generating over $17 million as of present.

Along with him, his wife Mindy also has assets of nearly $1 million. Both of the creators seem unstoppable today and are on the verge of increasing their income as much as possible.

Danny’s Income through the Danny Go Channel

With subscribers of 881k and over 10 million views in each of the videos, The Danny Go channel is doing miracles on YouTube. Daniel earns over $250k annually through the channel which marks up to $ 21k of monthly earnings.

According to Is This Channel Monetized, Daniel’s channel has a revenue of around $413k at present. While actively uploading videos of more than eight categories, the channel is making over $100k from each of those. The most popular video on the channel is The Floor is Lava 2: Into The Volcano with 89M views at this time.

Earnings From The Danny Go! Merchandise

With the increased popularity of the channel among children, the team also decided to start a merchandise and sell different types of appeals for children and adults. The Danny Go team also makes a good earning through their merch which sells apparel ranging over the price of $20.

The creators also sell personalized videos at the price of $120 as per the request of their audience.

Danny’s Channel Is Children’s Favorite

By now, you all might have known how popular the channel has become among children in the States as well as worldwide. We get to see several videos of kids watching and enjoying the videos of Danny Go on their Instagram account. Not only the children but we can also witness the parents enjoying the songs and videos and having quality time with their babies.

The Danny Go Instagram account has 19.8k followers with 174 posts including the pictures and videos of the team as well as the audience.