Carl Lumbly’s Son Brandon Lumbly Is a Working Professional

By DavidPublished on: November 24, 2023 Updated on: November 24, 2023
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Brandon Lumbly is the son of the M.A.N.T.I.S actor Carl Lumbly and his late wife, Vonetta McGee. In the realm of public attention, Brandon is a quiet individual despite his relationship with his father and his legacy.

Brandon’s intentional absence from the digital stage transforms him into an intriguing mystery, with fans left to speculate about the chapters of his personal life and more. Lumbly’s marital status and romantic connections are also an enigma. All in all, he is a tale yet to be unveiled. Disclose all that in the sections ahead.

Brandon Lumbly Is A Californian By Birth and Part Jamaican: Who is His Mother?

Carl Lumbly’s son, Brandon was born on June 23, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. His paternal grandparents immigrated from Jamaica to Minneapolis in the 1950s.

Young Brandon Lumbly with his actor father Carl Lumbly
Carl Lumbly with his son Brandon Lumbly. Getty

This actor’s son studied at the Urban School Of San Francisco. Later, Brandon went to Occidental College (2006-2010) where he studied BA, THEA/ECLS.

Brandon Lumbly’s Parents, Carl, And Vonetta; His Mother Died Of Cancer

His parents Carl and Vonetta were husband and wife for 23 years. They met on the set of Cagney and Lacey where Brandon’s father Carl played the role of Detective Marcus Petrie. Vonetta, on the other hand, was playing Claudia.

Carl Lumbly and Vonetta McGee
Brandon Lumbly’s parents Carl and Vonetta

Carl and Vonetta married in May 1986. Their marriage lasted till the latter’s death in July 2010. Brandon’s mother Vonetta died of cancer.

Brandon’s actor father later married Deborah Santana in 2015. The union however fell apart for undisclosed reasons in 2019.

Brandon Career: Is He also An Actor?

Unlike Carl Lumbly, his son, Brandon Lumbly isn’t in the career of acting. He rather is some sort of managing partner at My College Landlord. Brandon’s LinkedIn says he has been the managing partner for the aforesaid firm for more than 13 years.

Carl Lumbly’s son, Brandon Lumbly
M.A.N.T.I.S actor Carl Lumbly’s son, Brandon Lumbly. LinkedIn

Before that, Brandon was an administrative assistant for the ACC Environmental Consultants. His job apparently included fulfilling a number of duties like workspace maintenance, filing, data entry, creation of electronic archives, courier, and on-site environmental surveys.

Brandon also worked as a production assistant for Marker Studios Inc (Oct 2017 to March 2018).

Is Brandon Lumbly Married? His Relationships

It is unclear whether Brandon is married or not. To speak more about the matter, the question of Brandon’s marital status hangs in the air, shrouded in uncertainty. Unlike his father, whose career depends on the limelight of show business, Brandon remains in the shadows, escaping the scrutiny of the media’s gaze.

With a minimal presence on social media, he appears to be a digital mystery, a virtually absent figure when it comes to showcasing his life activities on these platforms.

Project Manager and Carl Lumbly’s son, Brandon
Carl Lumbly and Vonetta McGee’s son, Brandon Lumbly

Consequently, the details of Lumbly’s romantic life are as elusive as a well-kept secret. This has left followers and fans alike pondering over the existence of his girlfriend or any romantic entanglements.

Notwithstanding, in light of the fact that Brandon is very well into his adulthood, the prospect that he has a wife or, at the very least, a partner, does not reside beyond plausible contemplation. It is also conceivable that he assumes the role of a family man potentially with one or two kids of his own.

Brandon Is A Comic Geek; He Helped His Father

Brandon apparently is quite into comics. In fact, his knowledge about superheroes helped his father become familiar with the character of Isaiah Bradley in Marvel’s Falcon And The Winter Soldier. In an interview with Awards Daily, while talking about his character in the aforesaid series, Carl said,

I did the minimal research that I could do having not been familiar with the comics but the information that was out there. I also had a conversation with my son who was more familiar.

Brandon reportedly is very familiar with Isaiah Bradley and he was the one who told his father of the significance the role carried within the Marvel Universe. The character of Bradley who went through a forced experiment during his imprisonment is one of the most pivotal stories in Marvel lore for laying bare America’s racist legacy.