Callum Turner Might Be Dating a Secret Girlfriend, But Who?

By RhyssPublished on: December 26, 2023 Updated on: December 26, 2023
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British actor Callum Turner has been vowing audience for a long time. The handsome actor is not only famous for his acting skills but for his heartthrob looks as well due to which a lot of people want to know about his dating life.

Turner was once in a relationship with Vanessa Kirby, however, they have long since called it quits. So who is his girlfriend in 2024? Find all the details on his past affairs, current relationship status, and future marriage plans.

Who Is Callum Turner’s Girlfriend in 2024?

Currently, Turner is not in a relationship with anyone, at least that is what he wants us all to know. What we mean by this is that celebs tend to keep their relationship a secret before making it official to the public.

Take, for instance, Turner’s previous relationship with Vanessa Kirby, where they didn’t reveal anything initially before making their relationship public. But on the other hand, Turner might not be dating anyone at the moment. It is highly plausible the man might be flying solo, enjoying what life has to offer.

Callum doing a photoshoot
There is no Callum Turner’s girlfriend in 2024.

Nevertheless, a few years back, this wasn’t the case. Turner reportedly had a fling with a mysterious female. So who was she?

Callum Was Spotted Publically with a Lady After a Break-up with Vanessa

In November 2016, the Fantastic Beasts star was out and about with a mysterious female. The British actor had gone for a casual hangout with his friend at a local pub in Primrose Hall alongside an unknown companion, who was all over him.

The Hammersmith UK native and the pretty blond lady were cozying up to each other. Their closeness directly implied they were much more than friends. The female, who wore a white coat and donned a hat, looked visibly happy with him, which is a given, considering the fact that you are going out with one of the most prolific bachelors in town.

Nonetheless, Turner’s romance with the blonde fizzled out rather quickly as that was the last time we saw them together.

Callum Turner’s Famously Dated Vanessa Kirby

Between 2015 and 2019, Turner was in a relationship with fellow English actress Vanessa. For those of you who think Vanessa looks familiar, well yeah, you most definitely have seen her as Shaw’s (Jason Statham’s character) sister in the 2019 Fast & Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw.

For our UK visitors, you have seen Vanessa play big roles in stage plays like All My Sons, A Midsummer Night’s Drea, and Women Beware Women. Additionally, she is famous for her work in movies and TV series including The Crown, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, and Napoleon (2023).

How Did They First Meet?

The lovebirds first came across each other in 2014 while working in the film, Queen and Country. Ironically, in the movie, both of them played the part of one another’s siblings. However, that may have just been enough for them to get close. Speaking of which, Kirby played the role of Dawn Rohan while Callum played her brother Bill Rohan.

The Pair Made Their Relationship Official In 2017

The exes kept their romance a big secret from the public up until 2017 when Vanessa announced cryptically that she was dating Callum. What happened was, at the time, a viral video of her kissing Tom Cruise became viral. Although the kiss was for the movie Mission Impossible, rumor mill didn’t stop shipping them both.

Vanessa Kirby hugging Callum
Vanessa hugged her boyfriend Callum after the meeting.

After months of speculation, Vanessa took it upon herself and revealed she was dating her Queen and Country co-star. She said,

The most disconcerting thing was the people I didn’t think would believe it did — and they were texting my boyfriend, asking him, ‘Are you OK?’” She added that her bf Callum was incredibly supportive of her during this time.

Callum and Vanessa Were One of the Most Hottest Couples In Town

Back when they were dating, the now-former couple was one of the followed couples in town. After announcing their relationship to the public, the lovebirds never shied away from showing off. From packing on the PDA to fun-filled dates, they sure did have a lot of fun while they were at it. Every time they would meet, they were bound to make a lot of news.

Take for example the time when Vanessa, as soon as she saw her beau, leaped into his arm, while onlookers looked on. Kirby, who looked cute in a bright red top, planted a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek as soon as she saw him. By the looks of it, Kirby hadn’t met Callum for some time, that’s why the PDA.

Why Did The Couple Split?

Alas, it ended. The relationship between the power couple sadly came to an end. After dating for around 4 years, Turner and Vanessa called it quits in 2019. A rep for the actress divulged in February 2020 that she and her partner of four years have gone their separate ways. The source mentioned Turner and Kirby seemingly grew apart over the years due to their accelerating career.

Callum and Vanessa broke-up in 2019.
The duo split in 2019.

In the previous couple of years, both of them became real busy with their schedule. While Vanessa was stuck on the set of Hobbs & Shaw and Mission Impossible: Fallout for months, Anderson was also preoccupied for a long time while shooting for Emma and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

The source said,

“Vanessa and Callum are both rising stars in the acting world and in the last few years they have been flooded with offers. It’s a really exciting time for them both. But as their careers have taken off, their relationship has suffered and they have gradually grown apart. It’s very sad as they were once so close. But last year they made the difficult decision to go their separate ways and they both think it’s for the best.”

Fortunately, they had an amicable separation and remain friends to this day.

Marriage Seems To Be Off The Card for Callum Turner in 2024

As a long-time fan who has been following Turner since his beginning in the industry, you might be wondering when is he going to tie the knot. By the looks of it, Callum won’t marry just about anyone, he is the type of guy who needs time before taking such a big decision.

It is somehow obvious from his past long-term relationship that he takes time before making the big move. Even though he dated Kirby for more than 3 years, which is more than enough for two persons to know each other, he didn’t pop the question. This somehow states Callum isn’t going to become a groom any time soon.