Brittany Kaiser’s Parents, Husband, Net Worth, Full Bio

By CannonPublished on: December 13, 2023 Updated on: December 13, 2023
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Brittany Kaiser is a former business development director of Cambridge Analytica, a now-defunct political consulting firm. The company shut down because of its unethical practices in the global data industry. In fact, Brittany is the main whistleblower to expose the wrong business practices of her former employer. She is also the main subject of the acclaimed Netflix documentary, The Great Hack (2019).

Apart from that, Kaiser came from a modest family background, where her father was involved in a real estate business. At one point, the family went through a major financial breakdown after her dad fell sick. Well, get to know the full story of her parents’ struggle to handle the family business.

Additionally, there is a huge curiosity among her fans about her partner; whether or not Brittany is married to someone. Join us to explore every aspect of her life including her love life, net worth, and more in the article below.

Who Are Brittany Kaiser’s Parents?

Kaiser is the daughter of Evelyn Kaiser (mother) and David Kaiser (father). Both of her parents now live in Lincolnwood, IL. Talking about their marriage, Brittany’s mom and dad have been married for nearly four decades and are still going strong.

Brittany Kaiser's mom and dad
Kaiser’s father and mother are still alive.

Her mom Evelyn is also active on Facebook and has posted a couple of photos with her husband David on her FB. Besides, the data expert also has a sister named Natalie Kaiser.

Brittany’s Mother Is Older Than Her Father

Her parents Evelyn and David share an age gap of six years. Born in November 1953, her mother Evelyn is now 70 years old and her father David, born in May 1959 is 65.

Her Father David Kaiser Worked In Real Estate

Kaiser’s father David previously worked in real estate development. He also had a commercial real estate. Further, David was the owner of a few upscale health clubs and spas.

However, everything was going perfectly before the disintegration of Enron severely hit his businesses. Subsequently, the sub-prime property crash also badly affected his ventures and the final blow was his own illness.

Kaiser’s Mother Evelyn Is a Former Flight Attendant

Her mother Evelyn is a retired flight attendant who previously worked for Republic Airlines. She was also an employee at Enron, an energy company before its bankruptcy.


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Does Brittany Kaiser Have A Husband?

Kaiser isn’t married to anyone officially at the moment. But, the former business director of Cambridge Analytica is currently in a committed relationship with a partner named Matt McKibbin.

Although the lovebirds have remained quite secretive about their initial love story, their social media posts suggest they have been together since early 2019. It was Brittany’s boyfriend Matt who first posted a photo of his lover on his Facebook in Jan 2019.

In June of the year, Kaiser also made her relationship public with her beau McKibbin, sharing a picture of themselves on her Facebook. Ever since they have been going great together.

Over the years, the lovebirds have shared several other photos of them together, sharing a glimpse of their deep love and unwavering commitment to each other. In October of 2019, Kaiser and her bf Matt also became part of the Burning Man Project, PlayAlchemist Camp.

Brittany Kaiser and her partner Matt
Brittany and her boyfriend Matt have been together since 2019.

What Does Brittany’s Boyfriend Matt McKibbin Do?

Her long-term partner Matt is now the business developer of ChainLink Capital Management. He is also a founder and chief decentralization officer of DecentraNet.

Further, his current job includes a strategic advisor at Lucy Scientific Discovery since March 2021. Additionally, McKibbin is a co-founder of AMMA and a member of Top Tier Impact.

Is Brittany Kaiser a Millionaire? Her Net Worth

Brittany’s estimated net worth is $11 million as of 2024. She reportedly earns between $150k to $200k per annum from her different jobs. She is currently a Chair of The Board Of Directors at Gryphon Digital Mining. Further, Kaiser is a co-founder of the Own Your Data Foundation.

Similarly, in Feb 2018, the globally recognized data expert co-founded the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), the renowned advocacy group for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Besides, Kaiser is also a cryptocurrency advocate who helped to raise $100 million in cryptocurrency to support Ukraine in its war against Russia.