5 Movies of Dougray Scott That You Should Not Miss

By RhyssPublished on: December 17, 2023 Updated on: December 18, 2023
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Scottish actor Dougray Scott has been gracing our screen since the 90s. Throughout his illustrious career, Scott has given numerous hits. From the beginning of his career, Dougray has worked mostly as a secondary character, however, his acting has been nothing short of that of a main character.

As someone who has just discovered Dougray, surely you are eager to know about his best work to date. So here we have listed five of Dougray Scott’s movies or TV series that you should not miss as a die-hard fan.

5) Enigma (2001)

This Michael Apted-directed thriller is loosely based on actual events that took place during the Second World War II. In the movie, Dougray plays the role of Tom Jericho, a young genius who is racing against time to crack an enemy code in order to save the woman he loves. The movie opens with Tom coming back to Bletchley having slightly recovered from his break-up with his love interest Claire Romilly played by Saffron Burrows. However, upon his desire to reconnect with his love, he finds that she has mysteriously disappeared.

Dougray Scott Enigma (1)
Dougray and Kate in a scene from Enigma.

Tom then teams up with Claire’s housemate Hester Wallace played by Kate Winslet to uncover the mystery. The movie also features actors like Jeremy Natham, Tom Hollander, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

4) Mission Impossible 2 (2000)

If you want to see Dougray in an action and villainous role, then this is the movie for you. In this iconic, second installment of the illustrious Mission Impossible franchise. In the movie, he plays the role of Sean Ambrose, an IMF agent who goes rogue and steals the cure for the mysterious virus.

Dougray as the main villian Ambrose in MI:2
Dougray as the main villain Ambrose in MI:2

Upon knowing of Sean’s betrayal, legendary IMF agent Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, goes on a hunt to find and destroy the genetically modified virus. The movie features other big stars like Thandiwe Newton, Ving Rhames, and Brendan Gleeson.

3) Crime (2021)

Not a movie but this deserves a listing. This Scottish crime drama was released on the BritBox network and features an ensemble cast including Joanna Vanderham, Jamie Sives, and Laura Fraser. The series follows the journey of DI Ray Lennox played by Dougray and DS Drummond played by Joanna Vanderham as they investigate a schoolgirl’s abduction.

The series finished airing its first season in 2021 and as of writing airing its second season. It also features other Scottish actors Jamie Sives, Gordon Kennedy, Angela Griffin, and Jonathan Kerrigan.

2) Ripley’s Game

If you want to see Dougray’s acting at its finest then this is the movie for you. The movie follows the storyline between three men, Tom Ripley played by John Malkovich, Jonathan Trevanny played by Dougray, and Reeves played by Ray Winstone. Jonathan is an honest and law-abiding art framer who suffers from terminal leukemia. One day when he hosts a party at his residence, he also invites his neighbor Tom, who has a bad reputation as an art forger. Jonathan then went on to insult Tom for his taste and shady reputation.

Enranged, Ripley decides to get even with Jonathan. One day Ripley’s former partner, Reeves comes knocking and asks him to kill a rival mobster. It is then Tom decides to play a sinister game. He tells Reeves that Jonathan is the man for the job and Reeves, having believed that Jonathan is a hitman gives him the contract. As a man who is dying, he agrees to Reeves’s condition, much to his discontent, in the condition that his wife, Sarah Headey played by Lena Headey, and son are taken care of after he passes away.

However, little does Jonathan know he is about to be involved with a mobster who will go to any length to take revenge.

1) Ever After (1998)

By far Dougray’s best movie performance to date. In this Cinderella adaptation directed by Andy Tennant, the Brothers Grimm visits, the Grand Dame played by Jeanne Moreau, who professes her discontentment in their version of Cinderella. The movie then shifts to the past to the 16th century and narrates the tale of an eight-year-old Danielle, played by Drew Barrymore, who is the daughter of an extremely wealthy widower. After her father Auguste de Barbarac’s death, she inevitably becomes the servant of her step-mom Rodmilla (Anjelica Huston) and step-sisters.

Dougray with Drew in a scene from Ever After.
Dougray with Drew in a scene from Ever After.

However, an encounter with Prince Henry, played by Dougray Scott changes her life. The movie then delves into the love story of this couple.